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scott and white hospital

scott and white hospital

scott and white hospital

Hospital seeks blood donations after shootings | NewsWatch ...
Scott & White Memorial Hospital is receiving several gunshot victims from Fort Hood. No specifics are known regarding the incident resulting in the shootings. At this time the victims coming to Scott and White are suffering from wounds. ...

Mass Shooting at Fort Hood - The Lede Blog -
Scott & White Memorial Hospital has received 10 gunshot victims from Fort Hood. All patients are adults. No other victims are expected to arrive at Scott & White in Temple or at any of Scott & White locations. ...

11 soldiers slain at Fort Hood, Texas. | Daily Titan
Many have been transported to Scott & White Hospital in Temple, Texas. So far no conditions have been released, but all patients are adults. Scott & White has been asking local communities to donate blood of any type to aid these ...

Shooting on Ft. Hood
Scott & White Hospital in Temple said they are in "urgent need for blood donations" in response to the wounded. President Obama commented later on the horrific events at Ft. Hood Thursday afternoon. "As some of you might have heard, ...

MUSLIM TERROR ATTACK: 'NINE shot dead' 12 30 Wounded, Mass ...
Scott & White Memorial Hospital has received 9 gunshot victims from Fort Hood. More are expected. No specifics are known regarding the incident resulting in the shootings. At this time the victims coming to Scott and White are suffering ...

» Fort Hood Shootings
The Red Cross has supplied nearly 150 units of blood and blood products to Darnall Army Medical Center and Scott and White Hospital. Although not all blood donations over the next several days will be needed for the victims of this ...

New Children's Hospital chief named at Scott & White Healthcare ...
Scott & White Healthcare has appointed John L. Boyd, MD, MBA, to the newly-created post of chief executive officer and chief medical officer,

12 Dead, 31 Wounded in Fort Hood Tragedy
The General assumed command of III Corps and Fort Hood from Lt. Gen. Rick Lynch on September 22, 2009. All wounded have been taken to Scott and White Hospital. The hospital is requesting that people donate blood. Developing… ...

PrairiePundit: 12 dead in Fort Hood shooting
The wounded were taken to Scott and White Hospital in Killeen. This is an outstanding facility that receives patiots from around the state who need their specialists' treatment. Ironically Killeen is the site of a massacre at aLuby's ...

Did you know burning incense, may be a health risk?
Which of the following statements about the Battle of Shiloh is NOT true?
Ulysses S. Grant led the Union forces.
Both sides suffered great losses.
Robert E. Lee led the Confederate army.
The Union army won the battle.

Question 2 1 points Save
Which colony was planned as a refuge for poor English settlers?

Question 3 1 points Save
The Second Great Awakening dealt with
women’s rights.

Question 4 1 points Save
Which branch of government interprets the laws?
executive branch
congressional branch
legislative branch
judicial branch

Question 5 1 points Save
Who invented the cotton gin?
Dred Scott
Henry Highland Garnet
Eli Whitney
Dorothea Dix

Question 6 1 points Save
The worst conditions of the Civil War were found in
the cities of the South.
the prisoner-of-war camps in both the North and the South.
the hospitals.
the farms of the South.

Question 7 1 points Save
Which of the following statements about African American involvement in state constitutional conventions is NOT true?
African American delegates outnumbered white delegates in Louisiana and South Carolina.
African American delegates composed from 10 to 40 percent of the delegates in other states.
African Americans had no interest in becoming delegates for state constitutional conventions.
Most of the African American delegates were southerners; however, northerners also participated.

Question 8 1 points Save
Former Confederates called southern whites who had supported the Union cause and now were in favor of Reconstruction

Question 9 1 points Save
What was the Judiciary Act of 1789?
It established a federal court system.
It defined the role of the president.
It limited the powers of Congress.
It safeguarded personal rights.

Question 10 1 points Save
Who issued the Charter of 1606, which licensed two joint-stock companies to organize settlements in Virginia?
King James I
King George III
Sir Walter Raleigh
King John

Question 11 1 points Save
The Union’s plan for blocking all ports in the South was called
the Crittenden Compromise.
Scott’s Plan.
the Peninsula Campaign.
the Anaconda Plan.

Question 12 1 points Save
Roger Williams was banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony because he believed in
forcing American Indians to work for the colony.
the New England way.
close cooperation between church and state.
strict separation of church and state.

Question 13 1 points Save
Which of the following statements is NOT true concerning Andrew Johnson?
He was a Democrat.
He was once a slaveholder.
He was a master at political compromise.
He held pro-Union sympathies.

Question 14 1 points Save
In 1830 Mexico closed the Texas border to
Spanish settlers.
American Indians.

Question 15 1 points Save
The Shoshone Indian who provided valuable help to the Lewis and Clark expedition was
Sojourner Truth.
Little Turtle.

Question 16 1 points Save
The political party made up of antislavery Democrats, Free-Soilers, and Whigs was the
Democratic-Republican Party.
Republican Party.
American Party.
Federalist Party.

Question 17 1 points Save
The largest city in the South during the Civil War was
New Orleans.

Question 18 1 points Save
Alexander Hamilton believed in all of the following EXCEPT
a weak federal government.
loose construction.

Question 19 1 points Save
The Monroe Doctrine declared that the United States would
defend the freedom of other nations.
expand its territory from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.
make alliances with European nations.
remain a neutral power.

Question 20 1 points Save
Who led a military expedition to secure the Illinois country?
Nathanael Greene
Charles Cornwallis
George Rogers Clark
George Washington

Question 21 1 points Save
Which U.S. president portrayed himself as “a man of the people”?
James K. Polk
Andrew Jackson
James Monroe
James Madison

Question 22 1 points Save
Whose election to the presidency in 1860 led seven southern states to secede from the Union?
Jefferson Davis
Abraham Lincoln
Stephen Douglas
Andrew Jackson

Question 23 1 points Save
Which of the following helped cause the depression that started in 1784?
the extension of credit to too many farmers
a drought that destroyed cash crops
a series of labor strikes in Great Britain
the loss of British markets

Question 24 1 points Save
Samuel Adams was a leader of
Shays’s Rebellion.
the Boston Sons of Liberty.
the Loyalists.
the House of Burgesses.

Question 25 1 points Save
After which battle did the French and Spanish ally with the United States?

HELP, please!!!!!?

hello, im 14 years old and writing a story, my teacher says im really good for my age. tell me ur thoughts plz

hi i am 15 and am writing a story just for something to do im not pro so plz tell me what u think of story?
A woman named Jane
A mother plays an important role in her daughter’s life. This definitely applies to me. I have known my mom my whole life, but never thought of here as anyone other than my mom until I got older. Being a mom is hard, this I now know from experience. We have shared many wonderful, funny, and sad times. There have been times were we did not get along at all. Now, we are able to agree to disagree about some things. I know my mom did a lot of sacrificing for me and my sister. I have just recently come to appreciate that. Anyone can be a mom, but it takes someone special to be a mother and friend.
I was born via emergency cesarean section in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on March 25, 1983. My mom was flown by helicopter from Springdale Hospital to St. Johns. I am told it was storming that day. My dad had to drive the four hours to Tulsa; this was before the new highway. I was born two months early because my mom was diagnosed with preeclampsia. Preeclampsia is genetic and I had it with my first pregnancy as well. Preeclampsia causes high blood pressure and causes extreme water swelling. These complications can be life threatening. The doctors told my dad that their first priority was to save the baby. Meaning they were not sure if my mom was going to survive, and that I stood the best chance of surviving. My mother amazingly did survive and we stayed at St. Johns for the next two weeks. After we were released we went back to our home in Springdale, Arkansas.
I do not remember being a toddler. My mom has told me I acted very mature and did not get into trouble. She has also said that if my sister had been born first, her and my dad probably would not have had any more children. She was a strong willed child. My sister was not born until I was seven. My parents thought if they had us farther apart we wouldn't fight as much. That idea did not work out so well. We fought a lot when we were younger. After my sister was born my mom went back to school. She went to Northwest Technical Institute for secretarial and business. I remember helping her study. I did not realize at the time how hard that must have been. My dad helped out, but I was seven and my sister was seven months old. My mom went to school full time and worked part time. Two years after she got out of school her and my dad decided to separate. Thankfully it was not one of those horrible, cringing divorces. Still that must have been a terrible time for my mom.
After the divorce me, mom and my sister moved into a town house in not so good part of town. We now laugh about when we lived in the ghetto. My mom worked full time job at J.B. Hunt. She seemed to always be at work. When she was not working long hours she would try and cook dinner for us. The smell seeping out of our house sometimes around six o'clock was often of burnt food. Around the holidays she would work two jobs. I recently found out that she only made seven dollars an hour then. Even though that was a few years ago, I wonder how she was able to pay all the bills. I was in Drill Team at Central Junior High and that is expensive. My sister and I were never in need of anything. My mom always found a way to provide for us. My dad also helped and we spent every other weekend with him. She was always at home with us when she was not working or we were not at our dads.
Some of the funnier times together have involved cars. At one time we had this red and white striped station wagon. It was horrible. It would squeak like a dog toy, only very loud, every time my mom turned the corner. I was a teenager and was humiliated. My mom would tell us she hated it too and soon we would get a new car. After that car, we got a car that looked fine on the outside. Looks can be deceiving. My mom referred to it as the sweat box. It had no air conditioning. It seemed even if you had the windows rolled down it was still hotter than hell. One time we went on a road trip in that car to six flags. My mom has the worst since of direction. She also has too much pride to stop and ask for directions if she is lost. So as we were driving toward War Eagle to get to St. Louis, Missouri, which is the wrong way, she drove around a corner and one of the hub caps went flying off. She looked at me and said, "Kristy, jump out and get the hub cap." I was laughing and said, "No way how embarrassing." But I went and got the hub cap anyway. We spent that whole trip chasing after that hub cap. We still laugh about that. People must have thought we were crazy. My mom is also some what of a risk taker. Still to this day she likes to see how low she can run on gas before she has to get some. I now laugh about this funny trait of hers. As a child the idea of running out of gas was scary.
When I was fifteen my dad died unexpectedly in a car crash, all of my family was very upset. My mom picked me up from school to tell me what happened. She had been crying. That time was very hard for the both of us. My mom tried the best she could to comfort me. She held me when I would cry. She told me funny stories about when her and my dad dated. I think it was during that time that I started realizing that she was someone other than just my mom. She was actually a woman. A woman who loved and grieved for my dad. A woman who had struggled financially for a few years to give me and my sister everything we wanted. She was a person who at that moment was trying to be strong for someone else, when she too was hurting. I felt very close to her during that time.
My mom is someone I admire for many reasons. She has done a lot of sacrificing in her life for me. When I was born she almost lost her life. As I got older she worked very hard to give me everything I wanted. She has also been not only my mother, but a great friend. Now I know her not only as my mom, but as Jane Scott, a funny, giving and loving person. There is a quote by Abraham Lincoln which I feel sums up how I feel about my mom "All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother."

could you look over and critique this essay?
INITIAL INVESTIGATIVE REPORT-Introduction to Case 96-3337

1. Case 96-3337
This R/O (Reporting Officer) was on routine patrol in the Everett, WA area. On December 9 at 1 a.m. I saw a light on in the Everett Warehouse. I investigated and found the door to the building open. When I walked into the warehouse I saw the body of a white male lying on the floor. There was blood on the floor and a gunshot wound in the head. A wallet was in his pants pocket with no money, but had driver's license with the name Ralph Voosen. A file cabinet drawer containing files of financial material was pulled open. A spent gun cartridge was on the floor. No other people were in the building. I called for back up and ambulance. Attempt to revive victim was not successful, and he was pronounced DOA at Catawba Hospital.

Officer J. Beach

2. Autopsy Report:
Name: Ralph Voosen
Description: White Male, 5'8", 180 lb. DOB 5/12/66
Brown hair, no facial hair or tattoos
Blood type A
Cause of death--massive hemorrhage in brain

Bullet was in brain. No barium or lead was found on hands. There were skin cells under the fingernails of the victim.

Time of death is estimated to be between 11 p.m and midnight on Dec. 8.

Toxicology report: no alcohol or unusual material in blood.

Dr. P. J. Keeler, pathologist

3. Crime Scene Report
No fingerprints were found at the scene other than those of the deceased. Hair samples were taken in the room. Blood was sampled from victim and from the floor. Victim's clothes were taken and examined. A note was found in the right pants pocket which read "Meet me in your warehouse office at 11 p.m. tonight. We need to talk." The wallet contained a driver's license but no money. The victim had a set of keys with a front door key to the building, office key, house key and key to the victim's car.

Officer Glen Walker, Evidence Technician

4. CASE 96-3337: Interviews

Transcript of Interview with Pat Mayhew,102 15th St. NE, Dec. 9, 9 a.m.
Pat Mayhew is a white female, DOB 4/3/71
She has blond hair, blue eyes and is 5'6", 130 pounds

She works as a receptionist/bookkeeper for Mr. Voosen's company Compufix. Ms. Mayhew was very upset when she was told of Mr. Voosen's death. She said they were dating and had discussed marriage. On the night of Dec. 8 she went to dinner with the deceased from 7-9 p.m. The couple then came back to her house where they watched TV Mr. Voosen left around 10:30. He said he was going home to bed. No mention was made of going to the warehouse.

This R/O interviewed neighbors of Pat Mayhew on both sides of the street. The only neighbor home on Dec. 8 was Ellen Carolla, 104 15th St. NE
Interviewed on Dec. 9 10 a.m Mrs. Carolla has a clear view of the Mayhew driveway when her curtain is open. She said she saw a car drive up around 9 p.m. on Dec. 8 as a TV program was ending. She had her windows open and heard Ms. Mayhew and boyfriend Ralph Voosen in heated argument. Mrs. Carolla said she heard Ms. Mayhew say "You are such a loser and I wish I 'd never set eyes on you." The couple then went into Ms. Mayhew's house. Mrs. Carolla went to bed at 10 p.m. and did not see or hear Mr. Voosen leave.

5. CASE 96-3337: Interviews

Interview with Richard J. Barnes
1960 44th St. NW, Hickory
Partner with Mr. Voosen, the deceased in computer repair business called Compufix for 2 years.
Interviewed Dec. 9, 2 p.m.

Mr. Barnes is a white male, 150 lb. 5'10" DOB June 1, 1970, Brown hair, brown eyes
He had invested in 50% of the business with Mr. Voosen. He mainly traveled out of town to fix computers, leaving Mr Voosen to do some repair work in town on weekends and in the summer. The business was going very well, they had more work than they could keep up with. On the night of Dec. 9 he said he was home repairing computers and went to bed around 11 p.m. He has no witnesses to this.

6. CASE 96-3337: Interviews

Interview with Mr. Scott Stuckey, Co-worker at Everett Warehouse
3205 34th St. Dr. NE
Time of Interview: 8 a.m. Dec. 9

Mr. Stuckey confirmed that the deceased was employed as a Computer Analyst at the Everett Warehouse and that he also had a computer repair business on the side. Mr. Stuckey was a friend of the deceased and talked with him when they had breaks together. He said the deceased had been dating Pat Mayhew on a regular basis, and that before dating the deceased, Ms. Mayhew had dated Patrick Barnes, the partner in the business. He said that he couldn't imagine what Mr. Voosen was doing in the warehouse at the time of death. He could have come to get some files or financial records that he needed to redo for the warehouse. He did not know offhand of any enemies the deceased might have. He was not that familiar with the computer business and how it was going.

Officer J. Beach

7. Banking Information
Wachovia Bank Acct. 66208 321-00
Ralph Voosen


December 6
Check to Compufix, Inc

December 7
No transactions

December 8
Wachovia Visa Charge

Red Lobster, Everett, WA

9:01 p.m.

ATM Withdrawal

10:45 p.m.

Case 96-3337

Exhibit A-hair from deceased Ralph Voosen
Exhibit B-hairs from crime scene
Exhibit C-Hair from Pat Mayhew
Exhibit X-Hair from Richard Barnes

Exhibit D-Blood from crime scene
Exhibit E-blood from victim
Exhibit F-Blood from Pat Mayhew
Exhibit G-Blood from Richard Barnes

Exhibit I--Piece of note
Exhibit J-Pen from pocket of deceased
Exhibit K-Pen from purse of Pat Mayhew
Exhibit L- Pen from pocket of Richard Barnes

Exhibit M-DNA from cells found under fingernails of victim
Exhibit N-DNA from white blood cells of Pat Mayhew
Exhibit O-DNA from white blood cells of Richard Barnes

Exhibit P-wallet containing drivers license, ATM teller receiptwell ii dont know what happened to the 300 dollars that ms voosen took out of his atm....since he was estimated to die between 11-12 on december 8th that means that he took the money out of hiss account 15 mins befor he whoever killed hiim also had to robb him but i cannot figure out who would have a reason 2 kill hiim...wen i first reviewed the evidence all fingers was pointing to the cop because every peice of informarion that he gave didint add up...the ii realized that he dosent have any self gain from killiing mr voosen so i eliminated him..then i thought it was mr barnes because he could be jealous that his buisness partner was dating his x girlfriend and that he was money hungry and wanted to own the whole company and one he killed mr voosen he would automatically own 100% of the company but i need sum sort of substancial evidence to support my theory and i dont know how to explain that in words...

.............................hope this helped..and thanks =D

can sumone help me solve this case for my forensics class please!!...i need it for skewl 2mr and i cant get it
girl born 12-27-66 by private atty, possibly peatree? bell co, killeen, Tx white-scott memorial hospital was premie new mother,nurse- new father,tx instrements. told have three different birth cert. numbers they later divorced, re-adopted by step-father in ft.levanworth ks.6-8 yrs after, family rumor was i was part indian and had a "card" of some sort ? mother has passed away long ago, not leaving any info about details surrounding me, dad#2 never knew any and accidently disposed of all my papers b-cert,school records,health records,adoption folder (containing the only paperwork my mother would never let me look at) is there any way to find out who i am ? cant afford private dick . dont know where to begin done that, did that, registry reunion no luck i know somewhere there is more to me than me!can any one help??

1966 adopted in killeen TX,through private atty. how do i locate my family?
I am considering moving to Austin and have a couple of questions. What are a few of the "big" hospitals to work at - I've head a bit about Seton and Scott & White - anywhere else? And does anyone have info on places that offer psychological services? How are the autism resources for kids and adults, is there a large network for services? (I am psychologist who works in this area). And also, I've heard it's more politically progressive - which is a plus for me - is this true? I've looked on the internet, but I wanted someone's "real" opinion. Thanks so much!

hospitals in Austin?
Bill Lang wants to transfer to a Sam's Club in Colorado as soon as possible. Mr Lang used to be trusted by Max Rafael Waller who made the mistake of telling him everything before the Termination on Monday, 23 April 2007.

Team Lead Ambrosio Galvan also knows a lot of dirty secrets at Sam's Club 6625, but is nervous about losing his job if he sides with Max Rafael Waller

Sam's Club PD-57 was NOT adhere to by Club Manager Fidel Jacobo and Membership Manager Esperanza Lopez. No documentation of any complaints and the San Fernando Police Department or the Los Angeles Police Department ever showed for a "Work Place Violence." Please show proof since one complaint and one video tape does NOT establish a workplace violence. Neither Mr Jacobo or Ms Lopez wanted to sign the papers of any meeting between two managers and Max Rafael Waller for Legal Documentation. No meetings to address any potentail problems at the Tire and Battery Center were brought up by the Team Lead or Management.

Max Rafael Waller formerly Assoc ID 0035 and Operator 007 proudly served from Tuesday, 13 November 1990 - Monday, 23 April 2007 and only needed about nine years to do a minimal of twenty-five years to retire from Wal Mart Stores, Inc. He was one hundred percent vested in Profit Sharing and had a one month vacation allocated per year.

Max Rafael Waller
11261 Sproule Avenue
Pacoima CA 91331-155118

Naval Junior Reserve Officer's Training Corps, N.J.R.O.T.C., and alumn of Les Prestigians ~ Class of 1983.

San Fernando Senior High School
11333 O'Melveny Avenue
San Fernando CA 91340

US Army

Active Duty: 1984 - 1988 and Individual Ready Reserve, IRR: 1988-1993
Type of Discharge: Honorable RE-1, which is the highest.

One Station Unit Training, OSUT
1st Platoon, 4th Squad
Echo Company "Outlaws"
7th Infantry Battalion
1st Infantry Training Brigade "Relentless in Training and Unyielding in Battle"
Fort Benning Georgia 31905

Continental United States (CONUS)

2nd Platoon
Charlie Company "Hard Core Charlie"
3rd Battalion "Battleforce"
327th Infantry (Air Assault)
1st Infantry Brigade "Always First" (Air Assault)
101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) "Screaming Eagles"
Fort Campbell Kentucky 42223

United States Army Europe (USAEUR)

3rd Platoon
Delta Company "Dogs of War"
1st Battalion "Regulars by God"
6th Infantry (Mechanized)
1st Armored Brigade "Forerunners"
1st Armored Division "Old Ironsides"
APO NY NY 09140
Storck Barracks at Illesheim West Germany

Sam's Club 6625
12920 Foothill Blvd
San Fernando CA 91340

Sam's Club Awards

Division A, now Region A
3rd Quarter Award for Member Service
The award was received at Home office in November 2003

Region 54, now District 55
2nd Quarter Award for Member Service
The Awards was received at Sam's Club 6625 in October 2003

Sam's Club 6625
September 2003 Associate of the Month
The Awards was received at Sam's Club 6625 in October 2003

Wal Mart Today, now Wal Mart World
Member Service Legend

How it life started to really go down hill

December 2006 Mehmet Ekinci {A Hatchet Man and sent to "clean House" is no longer there but in Fresno according to Mr Jason Fastner} said that he was replacing everyone in the tire shop or its proper title: Tire and Battery Center according to Jeff Lopez{no longer works there} and Mark Castro{has recanted}and Bill Lang heard indirectly but will deny it. Max Rafael Waller studied all of Wal-Mart policies and found that if that his remark {INTIMIDATION} could be verified then he would get a coaching for making such a remark. The others are scared to tell the truth.

Fidel Jacobo and Enrique Velarde had possibly everybody at Sam's Club gathering information given out by Max Rafael Waller and will reward them by promotion and/or a payraise along with illegal surveillance that GROSSLY violates the Global Ethics Compliance that Wal-Mart Stores, Inc claims to uphold. Fidel Jacobo might had given misinformation through the tire shop boss, Bill Lang.

Fidel Jacobo has received a lot of Anti-Union training

Bill told Max if the associates did not follow rules let that be the problem of management. Bill Lang is a Team Lead and so he is required to enforce all rules even IF he disagrees.

Sam's Club 6625 did the following tactic as of Wednesday, 4 April 2007 with the participation of members. One African-American tried to talk about the union, but Max's reply "You started inserting the talk about the union and so you want to find out what is going on in my head. You wearing clothes so raggedy that your testicles are showing. If you were FBI you would be in trouble for indecent exposure." He left.


Others Associates and one Caucasian-American named Jarrod tried to be his friend. Jarrod in the past ignore him while his friend that came along with him came from another Sam's Club and they enjoy Good Cop and Bad Cop.
Their plan was to have enough approaches to seek "friendship" but they were to seek information and what he was up to since some web sites about Sam's Club 6625 are on the internet.

Another tactic used by Sam's Club 6625 / Wal Mart Stores, Inc

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc will protect their Public Relations and Image AT ANY COST INCLUDING MAKING A PACT Loyal Customers, "grateful" associates, and their vendors and suppliers.

Members where to complain to get Max Rafael Waller and Sam's Club 6625 management would had an easy time had him fired for inferior member service.

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc WILL improve and better their ways of operating, but it will NOT be easy. They are NOT as horrible as people claim.

To give the Appearance that Max Rafael Waller was causing great harm to Wal-Mart Stores, Inc and Sam's Club they had labeled Interview Questions and "Privileged & Confidential" and its Sam's Club University title is

More Than
Gut Feeling
Participant's Guide

A list of interview questions should be deemed Innocuous that would not be Injurious to Wal-Mart Stores, Inc and Sam's Club.
The so called witnesses would had been Mr. Fastener and Mr. Lang of Sam's Club 6625.
A print out of this document conveniently did not have a date printed to give an appearance that is so sensitive that it is disruptive.
These document bring no harm and it shows how Disingenuous and Duplicitous Samuel Robson Walton and the Legal Division of Wal-Mart Stores really are.
Mr. Fastener and Mr. Lang were also giving the amount of money lost on the Profit and Loss so the if their conversation would be on the internet. They were hoping for the amount to have been stated, but the fact that the conversation was written was enough to know that he wrote at MySpace.

Around Wednesday, 21 March 2007 he dragged the rotting carcass of a dog so children would not touch it.
It was in front on the Pepsi Bottling Plant in San Fernando California 91340 and its entrance is on Dronfield Ave.
He might have breathed some Bacteria, Germs or other Biological Agents and maybe some Botulism.

Esther Topete on Saturday, 24 March 2007 was watering the front lawn at 11261 Sproule Ave, Pacoima California 91331 and was scared.
Max picked up a headless Squirrel that had a foul stench and maggots and placed in the garbage bin.


A possible misdiagnosis {two EKG readings, Blood tests, Urine Tests, and Lung X-rays}but no medicine was initiated by Scott Wang MD from

Providence Holy Cross Medical Center
15301 Rinaldi St
Mission Hills CA 91345
Telephone: 1-818-365-8051

Max was scared because he had a high heart rate and cloudy vision, but it turned out that it could have been a result of MEGADOSING on vitamins and minerals a one result is VITAMIN INTOXICATION.

Dr Scott Wang's name could not be found at their website
An old white man claiming to be from a PET {Positive Emitting Tomography}
Psychiatric team from Kaiser Permanente never left a business card or a phone number for communication.

With a PET scan something called RFID can be planted and placed strategically at vital part of the body to electronically kill Max by devious people and this method of killing American Dissenters is from the FBI and the US Military. It is in the Black Operations of the US Federal Government. They also do Electromagnetic Harassment so please visit

The old white man looked like an actor from Law and Order portraying a Psychiatrist and this IS ILLEGAL. Kaiser Permanente's Behavioral Health Care Member Help Line and their telephone: 1-800-900-3277

On Sunday, 1 April 2007
Dr Paul R Hladon
Kaiser Permanente
13652 Cantara St
Panorama City CA 91402
Telephone: 1-818-375-2377

A possible misdiagnosis since Max had a burning sensation of his Bronchial tubes and Dr Hladon reluctantly gave the medicine. At first he said it was a possible Acid Reflux BUT HE MIGHT HAVE MISDIAGNOSED OR RUSHED TO MAX OUT OF THE WAY!

Someone at Kaiser Permanente placed a magazine despicting death possibly the Filipino Nurses. They claimed that they do NOT have a Physician Desk Reference{ } which can tell about Dessicant Bacteria and its Incubation Period. The Nursing staff was Disigenous and Duplicitous and COULD NOT BE TRUSTED FOR A HONEST ANSWER !

Dr Paul R Hladon gave RELUCTANTLY Max two prescriptions: Azithromycin Tablet 250MG{Take two tablets daily for seven days} and Ciprofloxacin HCL Tablet 500MG{Take one tablet orally two times a day for fourteen days}. Dr. Hladon had two X-Rays so how did he know to give WHAT medicine{prescription} without blood work and being tested for anything out of the ordinary ?

Misdiagnosis kills almost 100,000 Americans yearly!

The secret for Wal-Mart not getting caught using tactics, fear and intimidation, is simple: a lot of unwritten rules so there is no evidence. A lot of non-managers associates will respond by saying they see or know nothing of improper treatment. They will also have selective memory.

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc has a persistent Legal Divsion that rivals the US Federal Government and has many victories on its belt.

It can be verified just ask the New York Times for confirmation.

Wal Mart Stores, Inc violate their own Global Ethics policies. Their Global Ethics Office have stated that they only handle Age Discrimination.

Read the United Nations Global Compact

Institute for Global Ethics

The FBI will discredit American Dissenters by all necessary means like Biological and Psychological war along with Electronic from their world famous Behavioral Science Unit or BSU

The FBI protect multi-national conglomerates

Group Stalking and Electromagnetic Harassment are some their tactics.


The heart has a frequncy and cycle and the EKG also looks for a rythm

Two EKG's were done at Holy Cross Hospital by Dr. Scott Wang and with the frequncy the FBI {every day and night}are sending just barely audible to inaudible Electromagnetic pulses and signals

PLEASE visit to understand to dark side of the US Federal Government

Use use the Freedom of Information Act and expect the FBI to stone walled and cite National Security and National Interest

More on the FBI and US Homeland Security

Surveillance, Psychotronics and (Gang)Stalking Operations
The Xiandos web site is,_Psychotronics_and_(Gang-)Stalking_Operations


Please call 1-310-477-6565 and if they respond only with FBI keep on pressing with the question "May I please have your name." Ask if they were investigating Max Rafael Waller

The FBI{twice} were given via e-mail,,
the following pertaining to Max Rafael Waller; Social Security Account Number, Driver's License Number with expiration date, Home and Work Address with their telephone numbers.

Misinformation has been used succesfully by the LAPD, SFPD, FBI, and etcetera.

Bureau of Security and Investigative Services of the State of California$LCEV2.QueryView?P_LICENSE_NUMBER=15863&P_LTE_ID=651

Lincesee Name: Weinhold Investigations
License Type: Private Investigator
License Number: 15863
License Status: CLEAR Definition
(Status Definition: The License/Registration/Permit is current and valid. )
Expiration Date: September 30, 2008
Issue Date: September 29, 1992
Actions: No
Business Owners: Weinhold, Peter Herman
Related Licenses/Registrations/Permits: No records returned
Disciplinary Actions: No records returned

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Another headache for Max Rafael Waller

Everyone, Managers and Non-Managers, at Sam's Club 6625 willingly volunteered.

In December 2006 Pete Weinhold, unkown to Max Rafael Waller, was trying to save a Private Security contract with Sam's Club 6625 and Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Pete Weinhold might be working at the Sam's Club in Santa Clarita Sam's Club and in possible contact with Bill Lang who is in denial.

Pete Weinhold owns a Private Security firm and is a Private Investigator licensed in the State of California.

Mr. Weinhold's Private Security firm employed retired and active Peace Officers. Peace Officers have Police Powers but NOT regular Private Security firms and thus Pete Weinhold can charge extra for this. Mr. Pete Weinhold was desperate to save his contract at Sam's Club 6625 and he found an angle; Max Rafael Waller might be an Internet Predator and Pedophile. Mr Weinhold might be at the Sam's Club in Santa Clarita California. Los Angeles Police Officer Julian Almaraz used to work for Pete Weinhold.

Three Questions to Mr Pete Weinhold

Why does Mr Pete Weinhold not explain his investigation to make peace ?

Is it possible that he broke a lot of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties along with Los Angeles Police Department and San Fernando Police Department ?

Will Internal Affairs of the Los Angeles Police Department and San Fernando Police Department get involved or has it becomed a Political Hot Potato ?

A failed Sting Operation around February 2007

Undercover Police, two white on the inside and two hispanic waiting outside, were setting up Max Rafael Waller at the MacDonalds in the shopping Center were Sam's Club 6625 is at. The bait was a hispanic looking girl at the register who was possibly under eighteen years old. Max Rafael Waller wanted to show proof that some strangers can be trusted so he showed his id with his home address. The one Undercover asked the other do we spring the trap ? The other said not yet. The reason is that showing were someone lives is NOT illegal and reason enough, BUT what would had sprung the trap was that she would be asked to come to his home and the trap FAILED MISERABLY due to the fact that the girl was NOT invited or given a suggestion for a future contact ! A male manager from MacDonalds who looked middle eastern was nervous HAD confirmed it.

No evidence has been found to justify surveillance and justify tactics used by the US Homeland Security and local Law Enforcement.

PLEASE show all of the information gathered !

Who are involved: the Los Angeles Police Department, the San Fernando Police Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and a lot of associates from Sam's Club 6625 and Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

The following have been written around the middle of April 2007 and never responded even though a mailing address was given, except Barbara Boxer.

US Senators

Barbara Boxer (D-CA)

Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)

Harry Reid (D-NV)

Hillary Clinton (D-NY)

Chuck Schumer (D-NY)

Arlen Specter (R-PA)

Russ Feingold (D-WI)

Patrick Leahy (D-VT)

US Congress

Howard Berman (D)
28th District of California

Nancy Pelosi (D)
the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives
8th Congressional District of California

Max Rafael Waller

has plenty of "Dirty Laundry" or to simply write:

acts that are


Sam's Club 6625 Associates are possibly spreading misinformation in the San Fernando Valley especially in Pacoima.

One of the is possibly a Check Out Supervisor, COS, Jay with a woman at a cell phone store in Pacoima on Foothill Blvd between Pierce St and Terra Bella St. and this came from a relative of Max.

Why does Wal Mart Stores, Inc not follow their own guidelines and procedures?

why did j robert baker leave scott and white in temple tx and go to practice at kings daughters hospital?


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