Thursday, November 5, 2009

ft.hood shooting

ft.hood shooting

ft.hood shooting

Ft. Hood Shooting. : The Questionable Authority
At about 5 pm, Charlie Gibson shifted his newscast to our "president" for more information on the Ft Hood shooting. So what does obama do, spend the first five minutes or so talking about the "progress" made in his talks today and ...

Ft. Hood Shooting Discussion Thread - Hit & Run : Reason Magazine
Thought it might be a good idea to give you H&R readers a thread to discuss the Ft. Hood shootings. The latest as of this posting: At least 12 dead, 31 injured. One gunman, identified as Army Major.

12 dead, 31 injured in Ft. Hood shooting
Twelve people have died and thirty-one injured in what President Obama is calling a horrific outburst of violence. The shootings began around 1:30 pm.

Ft Hood Shooting DEAD
UPDATE - The Ft Hood Texas Army Base shooting has left 20 injured, not 12, including soliders says KTVT. The FT Hood mass shooting on the Texas Army Base.

War On Terror News: FT Hood Shooting Known Facts- Update 2 Shooter ...
One Shooter killed: Soldier, MAJ Malik Nidal Hasan, by Civilian (Ft Hood) Police Weapons: 2 handguns Two Suspects Arrested: Soldiers Twelve Confirmed Dead: Includes at least one reported Civilian Police Officer 31 Wounded.

WATCH: Press Conference From Ft. Hood Shooting
WATCH: Press Conference From Ft. Hood Shooting. Joe Weisenthal|Nov. 5, 2009, 6:37 PM | 24 | comment. Print. Tags: Media, Crime. If you're not at a TV, you can watch the press conference LIVE via Ustream. ...

Fort Hood Shootings UPDATES - Live Twitter Coverage
Malik Nadal Hasan (PHOTO): Key Details Emerge About Fort Hood Shooting Suspect. WASHINGTON — The Army psychiatrist suspected of carrying a shooting rampage at Fort Hood, Texas, had come to the attention of authorities six months ago. ...

Random Lake Woman Injured in Ft. Hood Shooting | Newsradio 620 ...
Random Lake Woman Injured in Ft. Hood Shooting. By Jay Sorgi and the Associated Press. Story Created: Nov 5, 2009. Story Updated: Nov 5, 2009. Click "video" link at left to listen to Amber's parents in a conversation with TODAY'S TMJ4 ...

Update on Ft. Hood shooting; 12 dead, more than 30 wounded | Jay ...
According to Lt. Gen. Bob Cone, commanding officer of III Corps at Ft. Hood, Texas: 12 dead, 31 wounded. The shooter was a US soldier, who was killed.


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