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tim lincecum

tim lincecum

tim lincecum

Tim Lincecum Cited for Marijuana Possession - MLB -
Tim Lincecum Cited for Marijuana Possession - MLB -

Tim Lincecum Cited In Least Surprising Pot Bust Ever - Tim ...
Raise your hand if you didn't see this one coming. Was it the shaggy hair? The vacant smile? Or the 3.3 grams of marijuana found in the reigning Cy Young Award winner's Mercedes? [The Columbian]

Tim Lincecum cited for marijuana possession | Extra Baggs
Giants right-hander and 2008 Cy Young award winner Tim Lincecum faces misdemeanor marijuana possession charges after Washington State police found a small amount of the drug during a traffic stop on Oct. 30. Lincecum was stopped just ...

Tim Lincecum Is Super Awesome; Has Pot. | Manolith
NO WAY. REALLY? The guy that looks like he totally smokes weed ends up being a guy that totally smokes weed? Nice work there, Sherlock. Why don't you accuse.

Babes Love Baseball: Tim Lincecum Won A Cy Young... On Weed Man
Tim Lincecum Won A Cy Young... On Weed Man. Surprise! The San Francisco Giants ace was pulled over Friday going 74 mph on Interstate 5 -- where the speed limit is 60 -- near Vancouver, Washington. He was going to be cited for speeding ...

San Francisco Giants ace Tim Lincecum cited for marijuana ... features live scoring and news for NFL football, MLB baseball, NBA basketball, NHL hockey, college basketball and football. is also your source for fantasy sports news.

Core Contrarian: Tim Lincecum, we know what you did on your ...
Per Scott Hewitt of the Vancouver Columbian, Tim Lincecum is facing charges for misdemeanor possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia after being stopped for speeding on Interstate 5 in Washington last week.* ...

Bay Area Sports Blog » Tim Lincecum throws heat, smokes trees
Tim Lincecum is a pothead. The Freakanchise faces misdemeanor charges for marijuana possession after being stopped for speeding (74 in a 60 mph zone at 8 in the morning) on I-5 last week in Vancouver. Perhaps he was en route to the ...

Tim Lincecum pulled over w/ marijuana in his car. - RootZoo Sports
ESPN reports that Giants P Tim Lincecum will face misdemeanor charge of possession of marijuana that was found in his car after he was stopped...

Top 25 and under players as of 2009 season?

What is the brand?

What kind of beanie is Tim Lincecum wearing in these photo?

What are some adjectives that describe Tim Lincecum?
1.) Your Favorite Team?
2.) Most Hated Team?
3.) Your current 3 Favorite Players?(not on your team favorite team)
4.) 3 current Players you Hate most?(not on your most hated team)
5.) AL or NL? why?

3.Tim Lincecum, Hanley Ramirez, Albert Pujols.
4.Nick Swisher, Milton Bradley, A.J. Piersynski
5.NL because Pitchers gotta swing the bat too.

Picking Favorites Survey?
Would you rather have a franchise player like Joe Mauer for 20 yrs & have no championships for your team or trade him during the middle of the season for an ace like Tim Lincecum that would pitch you to a world series but leave for a big contract.
Basically trading a 20 yr franchise player for 1 world series...
would you do that?
I think i would. 1 ring for the team is better then Mauer's 20 year career...

Would you trade Joe Mauer for Tim Lincecum?
He is not on the cover dont trust this guy

tim lincecum is not on the cover of 2k10?
There is no time limit, Baseball is the most difficult sport to play,Get to play longer in the season

The NFL has some phenomenal athletes. None of them is as gifted as Albert Pujols, Ichiro, Tim Lincecum

Reasons why baseball is better than football?
American League:

A) Felix Hernandez
B) CC Sabathia
C) Justin Verlander
D) Zack Greinke
E) Jon Lester

National League:

A) Adam Wainwright
B) Chris Carpenter
C) Josh Johnson
D) Tim Lincecum
E) Matt Cain

Who are going to be the Cy Young winners of the 2009 season?
I can keep up to 5 players from this year's fantasy baseball league to keep for next year. I lost the pick in the round stated if I keep that player. I kept Youkilis in the 15th round, Lincecum in the 9th, and Halladay in the 10th last year. I plan to keep all three because of their value.

C Mike Napoli - 17th round
1B Mark Teixiera - 2nd round
1B Justin Morneau - 3rd round
1B/3B Kevin Youkilis - 15th round
2B Robinson Cano - 13th round
SS/3B Gordon Beckham - 22nd round
SS Jose Reyes - 2nd round
OF Jacoby Ellsbury - 6th round
OF Denard Span - 16th round
OF Bobby Abreu - 11th round
OF Rajah Davis - 24th round
OF Matt Diaz - 22nd round
OF Adam Lind - 21st round
OF Carlos Lee - 4th round
OF/1B Michael Cuddyer - 22nd round
OF Ryan Ludwick - 8th round
OF Shin-Soo Choo - 20th round
SP Tim Lincecum - 9th round
SP Roy Halladay - 10th round
SP Dan Haren - 5th round
SP Wandy Rodriguez - 22nd round
RP Joe Nathan - 7th round
RP Trevor Hoffman - 17th round
RP Ryan Franklin - 22nd round
RP Brian Fuentes - 14th round

***I finished first in the league this year, so I will have the 12th and last pick in the first round (1st/13th overall in the 2nd round, etc.). I can keep multiple players with the same round. One will just slide to the next round.

I'm going to keep Youkilis, Lincecum, and Halladay for sure. I'm leaning towards Adam Lind as well. But who else? I can keep 5. I've kind of narrowed it down to Texiera, Morneau, Cano, Choo, Haren, and Wandy Rodriguez. Thanks!

Fantasy baseball keepers?
He won the 2008 Cy Young Award, and his numbers this season are actually better. Lincecum has a better ERA, more complete games, more shutouts, allowed less hits and walks. The only stat he did not improve on is his win / loss total (which is not his fault).

Can Tim Lincecum win the this year's Cy Young?
Personally, I think Adam Wainwright or Chris Carpenter should get it.

Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum for the most part has better number than last year. Will he win the 2009 Cy Young?
or is it going to be between wainwright or carpenter?



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