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balloon boy throws up

balloon boy throws up

balloon boy throws up

Falcon Heene Vomits: WATCH Balloon Boy Throw Up On Today & Good ...
Falcon Heene is safe and sound from a flying balloon, but he's got the flu. As his family did the morning show circuit on Friday, he first vomited during a GMA appearance, which was pretaped.

FREEDOM EDEN: Balloon Boy Throws Up on Today Show
Um, I, eh, at the end they jammed a big CO2 pellet in his face and he blew up. I have to tell ya, Rush Limbaugh is beginning to look more and more like Mr. Big. And at some point, somebody's gonna jam a CO2 pellet into his head and he's ...

Balloon boy vomits on "The Today Show"
Balloon boy vomits on "The Today Show". > Posted by Jon Burstein on October 16, 2009 09:57 AM. "The Today Show" had a very complete report this morning on the Heene family and the balloon drama that captivated people across the country ...

Balloon Boy Vomits as Father is Asked if The Whole Thing Was a ...
Balloon Boy Vomits as Father is Asked if The Whole Thing Was a Hoax. Balloonboyvomit. This morning on the Today show, Balloon Boy vomited on live TV as Meredith Vieira asked his father, Richard Heene, whether the entire thing was a big ...

Balloon boy throws up / vomits on Toaday Show, GMA VIDEO ...
Hmm, was there a connection between the subject at hand and the vomiting? What do you think? Missed the shows this morning? Watch balloon boy throw up/vomit on the Today Show below. Balloon boy Falcon Heene throws up on this Today Show ...

Orlando Sentinel - Balloon Boy stuns TV again -- by throwing up by ...
Today this morning supplied the perfect skit for Saturday Night Live. This could be one of the high points of NBCs fall programming.Balloon Boy Falcon Heene mesmerized television Thursday afternoon.

VIDEO: Balloon Boy Vomits While Parents Defend Family ... Richard Heene, the father of the six-year-old mistakenly believed to have floated off to his doom in a helium balloon Thursday, told Good Morning America on ...

Balloon Boy Falcon Henne Throws Up On The Today Show | The Fab ...
[obembed=balloon_boy_puke]A shout out to Balloon Boy Falcon Henne, who has perfectly summed up how we feel about this balloon hoopla in one fell puke. Surely you know the story: a boy climbed into.

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Uh oh: Balloon boy says “we did this for ...
Why isn't this family in charge of writing up Obamacare? Loxodonta on October 16, 2009 at 8:20 AM. Balloon boy and Obama stunt-boy both put on a show yesterday. Why do people hate you (sniff, sniff)? jeff_from_mpls on October 16, 2009 at 8: 21 AM ..... Diane Sawyer had to incredulously tell the parents to get up and attend to the kid as they sat there staring into the camera blankly. Marcus. It wouldn't surprise me if the parents told him to throw up on cue, ...

I'm thinking of throwing my 16th Birthday Party at a Park .. IDEAS!?!?!?!?
earlier I asked about, when i should throw my baby shower. (I'm due Dec. 9th) and one answer wrote me this...

Hi, I'm due on Dec. 24th and have decided to have mine on Oct. 24th which is two months earlie I figured this would give me enough time to get everything that I get organized and anything that I didnt get that may be a little pricy to buy it would give me time to save up to purchase it plus if you go into labor earlier than your due date you've already gotten everything sorted out and ready to bring baby home.. We are doing a theme at mine "Welcoming Our Little Pumpkin" being that the shower is in Oct. with Fotter Shocks and pumpkins with polka dots in either hot pink or lime green depending on if it's a boy or girl and have huge balloon center pieces on the tables

I thought it was the cutest idea! (I'm going to steal it lol)
what I'm asking is does anyone have any clever ideas to go with the theme...and what do you think of hot pink,orange and black as the decoration colors...not too much black but keep in mind the baby shower will take place in October around Halloween.

Baby Shower theme?
this is chapter 1 it is short but please tell me if it keeps your entertained

Chapter One . And so it begins

My dream started out like this.
David was running down a seemingly endless pitch black tunnel for about ten minutes or what David thought was ten
minutes.David heard a deep muffled voice whispering "yes my lord i do agree he is the one you are looking for"
"yes he is" replied another voice. David awoke in a cold sweat thinking to himself "so it was just a weird dream".
"David hurry up and come eat breakfast" yelled Annie his mother."Ok" he yelled back when he got down stairs his
faher Frank was sitting at the table drinking black coffee and readind the Washington Post. His father looked up
and mouthed the words "hello" before diverting his eyes back to his paper. After scarfing down some toast, bacon,
and eggs David departed for school when he got on the bus he immediately seen his friend George and sat next to "
him. "so how did your trip to Hawaii go over during your summer break"? asked George ". "It was okay I guess it
would have been better had it not been over a hundred degrees. For the entire two months we were there" replied
David . "Well I guess its a bit late but happy fourteenth birthday" said George. George handed David a small black
and brown box with a ribbon attached to it he opened it to reveal and old rusted chain necklace it somehow resembled
a cross but wasn't. "I know how you like old necklaces and stuff and I happened to come across it in my family's attic and thought you may enjoy it more than I would" said George. "It's great" said David. Who always liked wearing necklaces "Yeah I Figured you would like it" said George David suddenly looked of to the back of the bus and saw a girl maybe
fourteen or fifteen in all black gothic style clothing. He sensed something familar about her but couldn't figure it out
then he heard George say "Earth to David". "Oh sorry just got eh distracted but yeah I love it it's amazing" said David.
David decided to look back at the girl again but when he turned around she was gone. He decided not to worry about and
think that it was just a daydream or something. When the bus stopped George and David Picked up there things and got of
the bus and headed for there first and the worst class of the day algebra.The day started off pretty boring he sat absent
minded through a hour and a half class of the theory of numerology and then it was time for his favorite class. Science
today the class was quite interesting they got to disect a frog for the first time and it got even better when the school
bully Clark Kidd tore the intestines out of his frog and attempted to blow them up like a balloon which cost him three weeks
of detention. when science class was over it was time for his second favorite class lunch when David and George sat down
with there lunch of mashed potatoes and a salisbury steak George told him about his summer vacation. "We went to a ski resort
in Alaska although we were only there for a couple of weeks it was amazing". "Sounds better than my vacation" said David.
Then out of nowhere a tray come zooming buy George barely missing his head . "Whats the big idea" shouted George when he
realized who had thrown the tray. "So what you little punk expect your mommy to come and help you out" said Clark. "No"
said George proudly. "I can take care of myself why don't I come and show you" said George Quite Loudly. By now everyone
in the cafeteria was staring at them and David persistently tried to hold George back. He quietly said to George "you
remember what happened last time you and Clark got into a fight you were suspended for three weeks" but abruptly the
handle of a mob smashed into the side of Davids head. In a momentery rush of anger David punched Clark sending him
flying backwards. By then the teachers had arrived on scene and one grabbed George and David both and dragged them to
the principles office as they passed by Clark he appered to be unconcious mumbling something uninteligible. When David
and George were seated in the principles office. The short scraggly haired man known to his students as Mr. Black came
strolling in and sat himself in his oversized armchair at the head of the room he spoke " you boys have no idea the
trouble you are in. You have stared a fight that ended in a young man going to the hospital do you know how sereious
this is"? Then the phone rang Mr. Black told them both to be quiet. "Hello" Mr. Black said "yes hello I am the doctor
who is in charge of the student Clark kidd who is a student of your school I am calling to inform you that whatever
happened during the fight he was involved in could not ave possibly resulted in the medical problems we are seeing
so we were calling to inform you that the students take no blame for him being unconscious good bOne other thing for you to consider is im only fiftteen

I would like to know what you think of a fantasy novel I am writing?
While at an ice cream shop last Saturday evening with my family*, the crowd was entertained by a lovable looking clown called Looney. he was all done up with the make-up, crazy hair, and large red rubber nose.
He was making ballon animals for all the youngsters. In fact, made two very nice dogs for the two boys.
My wife was watching him as he made a few things for some teenage girls. After they had walked away, she told me he was " making some lewd gestures with a large, green balloon." Obviously, he was trying to pass it off as a snake. I watched him rub the balloon for several seconds, and then noticed he made some tongue swirl around his oversized red puffy lips.
I immediately lost it, leaped over the table next to us(barely clearing the stroller with newborn twins), knocked off all the 5 ice creams , and spiked the clown by driving my shoulder into his mid-section.
He must have hit his head on the helium tank, because he offered no resistance to my blows to the side of his head. The make-up/ blood mixture started to cover his face.
I did not realize it , but two police officers then pulled me off him and quickly restrained me. They thought I was assaulting the clown. The crowd was defending the clown and throwing cones and nuts at me. I did need to flush my eyes due to several rainbow sprinkles entering my lids.
Several minutes later, the police recognized the clown as a local Level 3 sex offender. He was not even supposed to be within 50 yards of children. When the crowd realized this, they started to cheer me and applaud. But, the ice cream shop made me pay for the 5 ice creams I had knocked over, plus the damage to the helium tank.
Has this ever happened to you?Dear friends, Thank you for your support and donations to help out with the ice cream. Please, we have enough money, so thats no problem. I took their tip jar as we were leaving and I actually cleared $12.50.BE--No!

Justified clown beating, or overprotective parent?
So, I'm having a party this weekend, with about 20 people. There are boys and girls, and it's supposed to be about 90 degrees. We're going to be in the garage/backyard/front yard because my mom doesn't want us in the house.

I need ideas for games and activities we can play. Some innocent gams as well as some flirty ones, but no kissing games because there are about half the number of boys as there are girls. And also, no stripping games because my mom might come out and check on us every once in a while, but she will mostly be in the house.

We already have twister, and truth or dare. And also, what are some fun things we can do with water balloons? Besides just throwing them at each other?

Thanks in advance [:

Party Ideas for teenagers?
Natural hair color: Auburny Red
Eye color: Greenish hazel, but mostly green
Tattoos: No way.
Braces: Not yet... Sadly soon. BLARGH AGAIN, >.<
Video game:

Play an instrument?:
Watch TV more than 60 hours a week?:
Like to sing?:
Have a job?:
Have a cell phone?:
Like to play sports?:
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?:
Have a crush on someone?:
Live somewhere NOT in the united states?: .
Have more than 5 TVs in your house?:
Have any special talents/skills?:
Exercise daily?:
Like school?:
Sing the alphabet backwards?:
Roll your tongue?:
Eat a whole pizza?:

Won something in the lottery?:
Snuck out of the house?:
Lied to get out of trouble?:
Had a computer crash?:
Gotten lost in your city?:
Been to any other countries?:
Stolen something important to someone else?:
Solved a rubiks cube?:
Gone out in public in your pajamas?:
Cried over a girl?:
Cried over a boy?:
Kissed a random stranger?:
Hugged a random stranger?:.
Been in a fist fight?: .
Laughed and had milk come out of your nose?:
Pushed all the buttons on an elevator?: .
Sneaked into the opposite sex's bathroom?:
Gone to school only to find you had the day off because of a holiday/etc?:
Had a water balloon fight in winter?:
Bitten someone?:
Burped in someone’s face?: .

Brushed your teeth:
Went to the bathroom: .
Saw a movie in a theatre:
Read a book:
Had a party:
Went to a doctor:
Tripped in front of someone:
Went to the grocery store:
Got cursed:

Lights on/lights off:
Body spray/lotion:
Chinese food/Mexican food:
Ocean/swimming pool:
Long sleeve/short sleeve:
Winter break/spring break:

Am annoyed by:
Am tired of:
What is your favourite genre of music?:
Are you hungry right now?:
What are you doing right now?:
What are you going to do when you're done with this?:
If you could have any magical power what would it be?:
Pretty?: .
Hyper?: .

Sky dive?:
Run away?:
Curse at a teacher?:
Not take a shower for a week?:
Ask someone out?: .
Lie to someone to make them think better of you?:
Visit a foreign country for more than a month?:
Go scuba diving?:
Write a book?:
Have a long-distance relationship?:
Marry someone you don't know?:

What grade/level of studies are you in?:
Do you like to throw popcorn at people in the movies?:
How many posters do you have in your room?:

Im throwing a baby shower for my best friend whos having a boy. We know were gonna use light blue and white for the colors since those colors are cheap at any dollar store for plates, cuprs, napkins and silverware. and the colors go great with the theme. We also are gonna have blue and clear balloons to look like bubbles. Any other ideas?

Any ideas for a rubber ducky themed baby shower?
1. Lynn likes grapes but not potatoes. She likes squash but not lettuce, and she likes peas but not onions. Following the same rule, will she like pumpkins or apples?

2. Robert and David played several golf matches against each other in a week. They played for a pizza at each match, but no pizzas were purchased until the end of the week. If at any time Robert and David had the same number of wins, those pizzas were canceled. Robert won four matches (but no pizzas), and David won three pizzas. How many rounds of golf were played?

3. There are two bars of iron. One bar is magnetized along its length, while the other is not. Using just the two bars, without any other items, how can you tell which bar is magnetized and which bar is not?

4. David is throwing Robert a surprise birthday party but he has to stay within his budget. He spent half of his money plus $2.00 on the cake. Half of what he had left plus $2.00 was spent on balloons and streamers. Then he spent half of what he had left plus $1.00 on candy. Now he is out of money, how much did he start with?

5. A train goes between Chicago and New York. The brakeman, the fireman and the engineer are named Smith, Jones and Brown. (The names are not necessarily in order). There are also three passengers named Mr. Smith, Mr. Jones and Mr. Brown. Mr. Brown lives in New York. The brakeman lives halfway between New York and Chicago. Mr. Jones earns exactly $20,000 per year. Smith beat the fireman at their last game of golf. The passenger who lives in Chicago has the same name as the brakeman. The brakeman's next door neighbor is a passenger on this train and earns exactly three times as much as the brakeman. What is the
name of the engineer?

6. What can burn the eyes, sting the mouth, yet be consumed?

7. Who is it that rows quickly with four oars but never comes out from under his own roof?

8. What stays where it is when it goes off?

9. What is the difference between a school boy studying and a farmer watching his cattle?

10. What is it that is deaf, dumb and blind and always tells the truth?

Riddles! Just for fun! Who can solve ALL these riddles?
In my french lesson today we were watching a movie. I can't remember what it was called, but I can remember most of the plot. I'll describe it, so you can name it. The spelling might be a bit off, so I'll put (sp?). Also, I'm only going to give a brief description because otherwise it would take forever. Here goes:
It starts off with a guy going to a funeral for his mother. Then, when he goes home a man called Pepinot comes in, with a diary and their old school photo. Pepinot is on the front row, in the middle and the other guy, Pierre Morhange(sp?) is in the middle, towards the back. Pierre is handed the diary, supposedly it was written by the old supervisor, and it is meant for him. He begins to read it and then it turns into a flashback.
A guy called Clement Matheiu (sp?) is hired as the new supervisor at a boarding school for misbehiving juveniles. I think it was called Font-l'Etang (sp?). At the gates he meets a young boy named Pepinot who is waiting for his father to pick him up on Saturday. He goes inside and first he meets Old Maxence (or something like that). When Maxence tries to enter the infimary something hits him in the eye. At some point during this the principle, whose name I can't recall, is introduced. He calls an assembly and tells the students of the incident stating that the culprit must come forward in three seconds. If not then each of the students will be locked up in detention, in solitude. Matheiu, since he doesn't know the students and is impartial is asked to choose the first to be punished when the person does not come forward.
Anyway, briefer description now. He treats the boys nicely, prefering to offer an alternate punishment rather than sending them to the principle for a more brutal whipping. However Pierre Morhange, a trouble maker, is still locked away to be punished. Matheiu also believes that if he starts a choir, it will help discipline the students. Later on it becomes apparent that Morhange, who was being punished during the forming of the choir, has a talent for singing, and so is given a solo later on in the movie. Mordain, a trouble maker brought in from a juvenile detention centre (or somewhere similar) soon becomes a disruptive influence and is disliked by all the teachers.
The choir gains support and at one point the benefactresses of the school wish to hear them. The principle takes credit for the concept of starting a choir.
During a school walk, the schools funds are stolen and Mordain becomes the main suspect. After half an hour of being slapped in the face by the principle, Mordain attempts to strangle him. The principle pretends he confessed, and so sends him to jail. Later on we find out that it was a boy called Corbin stole the money to buy a hot air balloon. The principle and another teacher who likes the choir take two weeks off, and during this time Matheiu and Maxence, returned from his stay in hospital, decide to take the boys for a walk in the forest. While they are away, the school is set fire to. The camera focuses on Mordain, on the hillside, smirking and blowing on a cigarette. It is believed that he started the fire. The principle comes back and because Matheiu broke the rules, by taking the boys out, he is fired. While walking out of the building Matheiu wished the boys would come to say goodbye. He rounds a corner and finds paper planed have been thrown out of a window, containing messages of farewell. He leaves the school, and while waiting for the bus little Pepinot runs up and begs to go with him. At first he refuses but then he takes him on board after a change of heart.
Then it goes back to the present with an aged Morhange and Pepinot sitting around the table having read Matheiu's diary. They reminisce on the following days, weeks & months and it is roughly now that the film ends.

Please help me, I need the title of this film. The description should help you. Please? :]

I need the title of this French Film. Help please! LONG QUESTION?
1) Babies LJ00023

Two babies were sat in their prams, when one baby, Little Johnny shouted to the other: "Are you a little girl or a little boy?"

"I don't know," replied the other baby giggling.

"What do you mean, you don't know?" said Little Baby Johnny.

"I mean I don't know how to tell the difference," was the reply.

"Well, I do," said little baby Johnny chuckling. "I'll climb into your pram and find out."

He carefully maneuvered himself into the other baby's pram, then quickly disappeared beneath the blankets. After a couple of minutes, he resurfaced with a big grin on his face. "You're a little girl, and I'm a little boy," he said proudly.

"You're ever so clever," said the baby girl, "but how can you tell?"

"It's quite easy really," replied the little baby Johnny, "you've got pink booties and I've got blue ones!"

2) Baby Brother LJ00024

Little Johnny's new baby brother was screaming up a storm. He asked his mom, "Where'd we get him?"

His mother says, "Heaven, Johnny."

Johnny says, "Geez, I can see why they threw him out."

3) Little Johnny is taking a shower with his mother and says, "Mom, what are those things on your chest?" Unsure of how to reply, she tells Johnny to ask his at dad breakfast tomorrow, quite certain the matter would be forgotten.

Johnny didn't forget. The following morning he asked his father the same question. His father, always quick with the answers, says, "Why Johnny,those are balloons. When your mommy dies, we can blow them up and she'll float to heaven."

Johnny thinks that's neat and asks no more questions.

A few weeks later, Johnny's dad comes home from work a few hours early. Johnny runs out of the house crying hysterically, "Daddy! Daddy! Mommy's dying!"

His father says, "Calm down son! Why do you think Mommy's dying?"

"Uncle Harry is blowing up Mommy's balloons and she's screaming, "Oh God, I'm coming!"

4) Bathroom Instruction LJ00034

The teacher of a first grade class gives instructions to the little boys on how to go to the bathroom.

The teacher tells them the following:
One - unzip your zipper
Two - pull your pecker out
Three - stroke the skin back
Four - take a pee
Five - stroke the skin forward
Six - put it away and zip up the zipper

So the boys go to do their thing and return a few minutes later. The teacher asks, "Where is Little Johnny?"

One of the boys replies "He is still in the bathroom."

The teacher goes down the hall to the boy's restroom and hears Little Johnny "Three, Five, Three, Five, Three, Five............"for more jokes go to

little johnny jokes...HOPE YOU ENJOY:-)?
ok so me and my friend she's always been my number one bffl but now she's mature and all and im not..
like.. this is how we used to hangout:

we used to take videos and pictures of us making funny faces.
dress up in plus sized men suits at the mall LOL.
Run up the down escalators.
Play in the beds at Macy's..
Play with stuffed animals and dress them up..
Make funny noises and voices..
I'd go on level 2 of the mall, she'd go on level 1, and we'd throw stuff down and catch it..
'the balloon game' where we had to keep it up in the air and not let it touch the ground,
we'd spend 20 dollars on like 10lbs of candy and gulp it down til our stomachs ached!!!!!

Whenever we hangout she talks about boys, and her other friends, and stuff.. She never shuts up!
She doesn't like to do ANY of that stuff anymore..
She said I'm immature, and weird..
We just walk around at the mall and buy stuff.. totally normal.. not fun anymore!!

so basically that's it. Help me! Have you ever felt like this before? I've never been so depressed in my life. I want my best friend back, but she's changing and I'm not. and now i have NOOO friends like me.. Im 13 in 8th grade turning 14 in the summer and going into my first year of highschool next year and im afriad nobody will like me, I want my old friend back, she's not fun anymore..

I'm hysterically crying.
i know this was long and im sorry but PLEASE ANSWER!I don't want to "mature" or "grow up" like her.. yeah she has new friends now and on friday's and weekends she hangs with them and i stay HOME DEPRESSED listening to depressing songs and watching old home videos </3

I tried to talk to her, and it didn't work. She likes being mature.. so talking don't help.. I'm gonna be so lonely over the summer!


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