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dramatic weight loss

dramatic weight loss

dramatic weight loss

Kelly Osbourne's dramatic 'weight loss' for Chicago role| Showbiz ...
Before you ask, No. Kelly Osbourne hasn't been on the most drastic of diets.

Obese children view weight loss surgery as 'cheating'
Obese children view weight loss surgery as 'cheating'. The majority of obese children reject surgery as a way of achieving dramatic weight loss, a survey has found. Click here for full article. 0 Comment(s). Login to leave a comment. ...

» Weight Loss Plan – Choosing the Best Weight Loss Plan Powpowparn
Dramatic and fast weight changes – like losing lots of weight very quickly – stresses your body, your heart and your immune system. And, since you're likely to put that weight back on again, you could start a cycle of yo-yo dieting that ...

'American Idol's Mandisa Hundley Opens Up About Dramatic Weight Loss
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Former "American Idol" contestant Mandisa Hundley is opening up about her dramatic weight loss and getting the last laugh on a comment made by judge Simon Cowell. During her audition on "Idol's" fifth season, ...

Fast, Dramatic Weight Loss Program Which Is Changing Lives
For just $37 you get weight loss book and diary as well as other great offers worth a total of $1500. For example, you get access to weight loss program, a recommended shopping list of groceries, a recipe book complete with 200 recipes ...

Obese children view weight loss surgery as 'cheating' - Children ...
Obese children view weight loss surgery as 'cheating' Children & Young People Now The majority of obese children reject surgery as a way of achieving dramatic weight loss, a survey has found. The study by Carnegie Weight … ...

spdfmoni: Experience Effortless and Dramatic Weight Loss with This ...
Experience Effortless and Dramatic Weight Loss with This Simple Diet!Read Full Article Here:

Experience Effortless and Dramatic Weight Loss with This Simple Diet! The Fat Burning is a turn weight loss information place unitedly by Rob Poulos and his spouse Kalen Poulos who were both previously overweight. ...

Green Tea, Weight Loss and Heart Disease on Diet and Weight Loss ...
Green tea keeps gaining more popularity as a weight loss aid and now a new study suggests it may also help with heart disease and stroke. Researchers state this is.

Help! Is this a liver condition?
Im 22 years old, have one child who is 2. Im 5ft 4 in tall and weight 150lbs. My cup size is 36DDD. At the end of March I weighed 187lbs. So I have lost 40lbs, I was hoping my breasts would shrink in size, but they have not, they have only "deflated" more. I got the authorization from my PCM doctor and my insurance for a breast reduction, and my surgery date is going to be in January. I have already went for my consultations and picked out the perfect doctor.I dontt need anyone telling me to think this through, I have been wanting to do this for years now. I am not planning on breast feeding, or having anymore children in the near future. I have outweighed the risks and benefits and I am mentally prepared. I just am undecided about what size I want to be. I am planning on weighing 125-130 before the procedure, this way I dint loose too much weight after the surgery (I dont want them to sag from anymore weight loss).

PS. im torn between a c cup and a b cup. if I get a c im afraid they will still be too big and my insurance is only going to cover this procedure one time., I want to be able to fit into bathing suits and cute shirts and I dont know if a c cup will allow me to do that. On the other hand Im afraid a b cup will be too small. I dont want it to such a dramatic change that I look strange to people that have known me forever, and I want a little something there. Just dont want want the pain, big shoulder muscles, and insecurity that goes along with them.

If you have any suggestions on what size I should get please let me know! I could use all the help in the world.

What cup size should I switch to?
A 41-year-old man with diarrhea, weight loss, and epigastric discomfort undergoes endoscopic examination, revealing diffusely thickened rugal folds, suggestive of the linitis plastica-type adenocarcinoma. Biopsy reveals no cancer, but a dramatic hyperplasia of superficial mucous cells with scant gastric glands. As a consequence of this condition, this man may be losing excessive amounts of which of the following from his digestive tract?
A. Carbohydrates
B. Chloride
C. Fat
D. Protein
E. Water

i thought chloride.

usmle adenocarcinoma step 1 mcq?
This is a follow up to a posting a few days ago.. after two vets and lots of grain and vitamins.. my horse is still wasting away... I am looking for a good senior mix of feed... I found a feed mill that's willing to mix anything mixture I want... I need help... hes 24 yrs old.. eats all his food and even licks the tub... but still wasting away.. it started in april. he had no teeth left to speak of.. but the weight loss was rapid and dramatic. this is my last hope.. I good feed mix ,,, I have him on vitaferm no change.. still losing. checked for worms teeth done ... blood work etc... so now its up to me to find a feed that works... please help with this mix... anyone with older horses.. please help... the feed mill is 100 miles away.. I want to get it right.. he cant lose anymore weight.. he seems to be starving despite 4 cans of grain a day and alfalfa cubes..Thanks so much guys for all the tips. I really appreciate it. I got really mad at both vets as they said he didnt act depressed or appear ill. and blood work shows nothing. neither vet suggested he wasnt properly digesting his food. I had to get on yahoo for that advice. in other words I think because of his age they just were not interested.Who puts out golden glow feed... I want to look it up.... cant find much in google search

Follow up to help my horse is starving?
Okay so i had a baby 3 weeks and 3 days ago. I delivered c section which was my second one. Before i got preggo i weighed 196 which is over weight for me considering im 5 ft tall. during my pregnancy i gained 11 pounds putting me at 207. Now im down to 180 which is 16 lbs less then my pre pregnancy weight totalling me at loosing 28 pounds so far in only 3 weeks. I havent done anything to loose weight obviously because i had a c section so of course i havent moved much at all because of the major surgery. I have been eating regular as i always have. The only thing thats changed is I drink loads of water now and only about a couple sips of soda a day since it makes me feel bloated if i drink too much of it. Everyone is asking me what im doing to loose weight and i have no explanation and i dont know why im loosing so much. I mean dont get me wrong im super excited but is it healthy for me to have lost so much in so little time? i know i shouldnt be complaining i just dont understand? and this is by my obgyns scales and WIC so i know there right. i dont know if this could be why but i had my tubes tied as well. Is it possible to loose weight from getting them tied? anyone else ever had a dramatic weight loss like this?

Does this sound healthy? or even right?
My 24 yr old horse has lost over 150 lbs in about 8 weeks... he was always fat.. and I have to put on a diet for summer so he wont be miserable. however this spring he did a dramatic weight loss. still eating twice a day.. grass up to his belly.. nice fresh grain that I get at a feed meal mixed fresh and alalfa cubes at 11pm everynight.. he has always eaten lots of food and most horses would be obese at the level of food he eats. the first vet said oh.. he doesnt seem depressed or act ill to me... I demanded blood work.. and a stool sample.. blood test came back with high liver enzymes and a low red blood count. but he said nothing that worried him.. so he recommended no treatment. OMG. so anyway I explained my horse couldnt urinate.. and he said he must be or he would be dead.and I explained he had stopped drinking and sweating.. and he said bloodwork didnt confirm any problems.. meanwhile his skin got saggy.. and wrinkly.. water drinking went to almost nil.. so I put him on one bottle of electrolytes a day.. childrens pedialyte. I am desperate at this point. so he did finally start drinking and urinating regularly but then I went and wormed him.. knocked him down again.. I called another vet and same attitude.. nothing wrong.. hes still wasting away. so he recommended vitaferm.. no change. I still have him on pedialyle because I stopped and he stopped drinking again.. help me folks. tell me a food mix. something. I dont know what to do. the only thing that changed in his life is that I bought a fly collar from tractor supply and left it on weeks which should have been ok according to instructions. thats when the weight loss started. he is literally eating the feed of three horses and wasting away more everyday. any ideals on what to feed... any meds , any herbs or vitamins. I wanted to go with red cell but vet assured me vitaferm was better.

Help my horse is wasting away to a skin and bones?
So, yesterday, I urinated multiple times (more often than I ever have, probably ten to twelve times) during the day, but only had to get up once in the night to use the bathroom. I also drank about 4 glasses of water, which might have contributed to the urinating.

Once researching online and coming across diabetes, I feel as if maybe my head is saying that I might have it, so I'm experiencing more symptoms (physiologically), if that makes any sense. Is my mind tricking me into thinking I have diabetes? (Sort of like pseudocyesis, but with diabetes, :D)

Today, I'm hungry a lot, a bit fatigued (possibly from a volleyball practice), a bit thirsty (not as intense as what I've read from diabetes symptoms), but I haven't been excessively urinating like yesterday. I've also been more irritated, but I think I can contribute that to teenage angst. :D For a few weeks, I've been noticing a vaginal itch as well. I've not noticed any dramatic weight loss.

If this really is diabetes, then how fast should I expect the symptoms to increase in severity. And, when should I see a doctor?

Basically, since most of my symptoms don't appear to be as intense as what diabetics go through, I'm wondering if I'm making a big deal out of nothing.

Are these diabetes symptoms or nothing at all?
I have not been exercising for years... eating whatever I want. Look at my improvements....


My moto is "Forget the gym or diets, just go photoshop?"

Just a thought... You think commercials photoshop people so they look more like they have had a DRAMATIC weight loss within a couple of months? (If I had spent time on the photo I could have made it more realistic).

I lost 500+ lbs, Before and After Picture.?
I'm 16 years old, sophomore in high school.

This summer I was Dumped by my girlfriend, hand my uncle/biggest role model die, and had my wisdom teeth pulled.

I have been feeling as if i was depressed, and have had a dramatic loss in apatite, i have lost 15 lbs in 1 month and i only weight 100 lbs now (im 5'7") Also have become very aware of the slightest signs of people mocking me or making fun of me.

I took an depression test to see if i could possibly have depression, ive read the info about it and i am aware that it cannot say that i am depressed, only give me the chances of me being depressed.

a score of 0 = no depression
i scored a 74

So that being said i could be worse and i cant say that i am depressed, but how can i naturally stopped the depression or avoid myself from developing depression.

I am aware going to the doctor is the best thing that i can do, but i have a fear of doctors and i want to do all i can before i do that.

I do not have thoughts of suicide or killing other people, if it gets to this point i will be going to the doctor.

I have questions about depression...?
i am 5'3 by the way.Ok, so i've been struggling a lot with my weight, and i decided to work out, and eat less. I was weighting 115 on Saturday, 112.5 on Sunday, 111.0 on Monday, 109.5 on Tuesday, and today i weighted 109 this morning, and 108 tonight. is this fast lost of weight normal? i haven't been eating much also. i probably take in about 800 calories a day.
Is this normal? Can you help? I am eating way too little? Should i look for a doctor?

Is this normal? Dramatic Weight Loss?
My Dr. has many weight loss patients whom he prescribes thyroid and phentermine. I have done this diet (no carbs-3 months long) before with dramatic results (30 lbs) that I kept off. It works fast and having the results so soon helps my self esteem... But I see concerns for taking thyroid for weight loss, though nothing specific except for the warnings. My doctor has not done a thyroid level check as he believes the thyroid blood levels don't show what your body is actually absorbing. He has many many patients, most of whom come for his weight loss and diet plan. This is his standard procedure. What concerns should I have with this diet and the prescribed drugs?This diet isn't just the medicine. It is a very strict NO CARB diet!

1st 30 days no carbs only meat & cheese's
2nd 30 days add low carb veggies to diet
3rd 30 days add low carb fruit to the diet

This diet is done along with thyroid medication and an appetite suppressant.and EXERCISE! i joined a gym and walk 2 miles every other day!I have done this diet along with the medications once before and lost 40lbs. After i finished the diet and went back to eating what i wanted i gained 10 lbs back. Making a total of 30 lbs I kept off.


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