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free e cards

free e cards

free e cards

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What is the best FREE e-card site.?
hey i want a WoW game card but im broke economy so bad i can't get money so ... i would like a free WoW game card can you e-mail me with the pin please and thank you

p.s. if your not going to do this can you tell me where i can get a free one w/o getting banned from the gamehere is a random fact
the richest selfmade american under 40 is michael dell, chairmen of dell computers. he is worth 18 billion dollarsskythe that is why i also ask for proplr to e-mail me their pin of a non-used card it is possible thenbecause they are nice and want to let other WoW players have a good time that is why!

hey i want this how can i get it?
I have Windows Vista Home Premium running on a 32-bit machine. Is there a way for me to upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit when it comes out?

It says that it is 64-bit capable in my Performance Information and Tools though.
1 week ago


Manufacturer=Dell Inc.
Model=Inspiron 1525
Total amount of system memory=3.00 GB RAM
System type=32-bit operating system
Number of processor cores=2
64-bit capable=Yes


Total size of hard disk(s)=147 GB
Disk partition (C:)=56 GB Free (137 GB Total)
Disk partition (D:)=5 GB Free (10 GB Total)
Media drive (E:)=CD/DVD


Display adapter type=Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family
Total available graphics memory=358 MB
Dedicated graphics memory=0 MB
Dedicated system memory=128 MB
Shared system memory=230 MB
Display adapter driver version=
Primary monitor resolution=1280x800
DirectX version DirectX 10


Network Adapter=Marvell Yukon 88E8040 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller
Network Adapter=Microsoft Tun Miniport Adapter
Network Adapter=Dell Wireless 1395 WLAN Mini-Card

Can I put Windows 7 64-bit on my laptop if I am running 32-bit? It says it's 64-bit capable!?
My brother was caught on the bus for having my oyster card and the transport for london had sent a letter telling ,e that i have 21 days to appeal but i didn't recieve the letter because i moved houses and now i'm in big trouble of not getting free travel. It wasn't my fault. I would've appealed if i had recieved the letter and the people living in my house didn't even tell me i had a letter and transport for london didn't even call! I applied for a new oyster nad i got free travel which made me less awarer and now in i've lost my oyster again and they tell me im not eligible.
What should i do?

How should i appeal for my free travel back (11-15 oyster card)?
I am eye balling a Gateway DX4300-05 at bestbuy i can get out the door for $400 after taxes no monitor. I have a 19inch LCD and wireless/keyboard mouse already.
Its Home Premium 64 Bit will upgrade for free
AMD Athlon X2 7750 DualCore with 6gb ram
640gb hdd
ATI Radeon HD3200 Intergrated graphics

I am just looking to do some video editing, graphic, web design, messing around with applications. I would like to be able to load many applications at once. As now I can't have more than like 4-5 windows up otherwise I bog on my laptop. I would like to say have a video editing program up searching the web and downloading something if I wanted to and not be slowed down a beat would this satisfy my needs?
I also want to do some gaming and from what I read the graphics card is ok for some games, but because it does have a PCI-E x16 i can upgrade later if needed, but im not a huge gamer by all means.

Just looking for some opinions I think the price is awesome from what I have seen compared to other brands.So I probably should upgrade graphics card and get and HD monitor? it has a 300watt supply so I am not sure what I can upgrade to I dont know the rules on that

Will this new computer work for me?
BOSTON — A U.S. Court of Appeals chief judge yesterday called the case “troubling.”

In 2006, a Rhode Island State Police trooper detained 14 Guatemalan nationals and called immigration authorities after he pulled over the driver of the van they were in for failing to use a signal when changing lanes on Route 95.

Chief Judge Sandra L. Lynch commented during oral arguments in an appeal by the Rhode Island affiliate of the American Civil Liberties Union of the dismissal of a lawsuit that challenged the legality of Trooper Thomas Chabot’s actions during that 70-minute, 6:30 a.m. traffic stop in Richmond.

The ACLU suit, filed by attorney V. Edward Formisano on behalf of 11 of the van’s occupants, contended that Chabot engaged in racial profiling and violated the driver’s and the passengers’ constitutional rights to be free from discrimination and unreasonable search and seizure. It argued that Chabot had no basis for demanding identifications from the passengers after the driver, Carlos E. Tamup, provided a valid license and registration. U.S. District Judge Mary Lisi found that Chabot’s conduct was lawful and dismissed the suit last December.

Judge Lynch questioned Special Assistant Attorney General John M. Moreira’s argument that “emerging circumstances” justified Chabot’s actions.

“How many times have you seen a trooper stop someone on a highway for a blinker? He pulls over a van with a Hispanic-looking driver,” which led to a 70-minute traffic stop. “I find the case a little troubling,” said Lynch. “One has the feeling it’s a little bit more than failing to use a blinker … [Perhaps] he’s looking for a van filled with immigrants or the complexion of the driver.”

Formisano told the appellate panel that a major issue “has to do with the Racial Profiling Act.”

“The trooper testified that it was based on a hunch — and nothing more than a hunch — that he contacted ICE [U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement],” Formisano said. He said Chabot made a determination “that these individuals were illegal, but he testified that it was a hunch. I suggest that was not enough.”

Formisano also said he believed the District Court judge “did not separate or analyze” two “pat-down” searches that Chabot conducted on the driver. “We’re disputing the determination that there was a reasonable suspicion that Mr. Tamup was in possession of a firearm,” Formisano said of the first search. “… There were no articulated facts that the trooper could point to that he was in fear.”

But Judge Juan R. Torruella said, “After the stop, he opened the door and saw 12 nervous passengers. Why doesn’t that give him enough reason to pat down” the driver?

Moreira said, “The emerging circumstances confronting this trooper justified his actions.” Through routine questions, “reasonably built on what had occurred and what he learned … in a short amount of time, the trooper had probable cause” to call ICE.

When asked to produce IDs, only three passengers produced any — Guatemalan consular cards — and none could provide green cards or working papers. Chabot also reported that they were “nervous,” and that there was a significant language barrier.

When Judge Lynch interrupted to speculate that Trooper Chabot might have been “looking for a van full of immigrants” or at the driver’s complexion, Moreira responded, “He didn’t know how many [people] were in the van, or who was in the van,” until after he opened the passenger side door and saw them. “I think the key is, his suspicions progressed from there,” Moreira said.

What is your honest take on this Appeal judges question R I trooper’s motives in van stop serious answers only?
hey i want free world of warcraft game cards but im not giving my account info away to a online site other than blizzard sites and i don't want to get booted can some either buy one and e-mail me the pin or can someone somehow get me a pin for a WoW game card please

where can i get free WoW game cards?
I recently found out my computer was infected with a trojanagent or w.e. apparently called malware. However I want to make sure my computer is clean of all this nonsense so none of my personal data will be stolen. (Credit card numbers, conversations, etc.)

Which free programs can I use to secure my computer even though it has been already infected with spyware and stuff like that. I do not want to do another reformat. Also what happens if you download albums in the "rar" format and Avast cannot scan them. Does that mean the virus is still active?

Please suggest some othe programs i can use.
Currently i am using:
Lavasoft antispyware (ad-aware)

Limewire is probably where i got my virus in the first place. Also what happens when you download programs and use them. Do they send your private data out even though your antivirus might not detect them as a virus?

Please help. I would do another reformat but i just reformated 2 months ago. I run a very busy schedule so I do not want to do another clean reformat as the HP recovery program takes 6-10 hours to reinstall (very annoying)

How to make sure your computer is actually clean of spyware/virus/malware?
I know it's a spam, but when you click on the e-mail, it asks you to fill out a survey and complete 2 offers. Two of the offers are for Free Trials from Blockbuster video online and Netflix movie rental online, which are both reputable companies. What if I were to sign up for the free trial at Blockbuster video and Netflix and than immediately cancel those free trials. That way it will still register with the Wal Mart e-mail saying that I have completed the 2 offers and than my wal mart gift card will be on the way to me. Will this idea work? By putting down my credit card information on Blockbuster and Netflix for the free trial, will the company that sent me the Wal Mart gift card e-mail have access to that information? I wouldn't think so because Blockbuster and Netflix are both secure websites. I think the only thing that would happen is I would keep on getting junk e-mail's for more offers. Any information about this will be greatly appreciated and whether I should go and do this.

I got an e-mail that says I can get a $1000 Wal Mart gift card?
I'm visiting some of my relatives for the holidays. The ideas I had in mind were:

1. For my aunt and uncle and my cousins who live in that house- give them a gift basket that can be used for their home. (i.e. the kinds that come with holiday food or whatever.)

2. Give another one to my other cousin + his roommate. Since they're also young and on budgets.

3. Give everyone my handmade holiday cards (I'm an art student and they have been a huge success in the past) along with treat bags or candy canes, etc.

Please keep in mind that I come from a huge family. These are the ones that I know for sure I'll be seeing. But on that side of the family, I'm 1 of 20 cousins + their spouses and kids + my aunts and uncles + great aunt and uncles, etc...

I know it seems early to think about, but I need to plan ahead for money's sake.

Also, if these are ok ideas- does anyone know if Whole Foods, Vitamin Cottage, or Sunflower market sell vegan friendly holiday food gift baskets? I'd like to get them something that is environmental friendly/ cruelty free. (Just an FYI, we don't have a trader joe's where I live.)

I need ideas for holidays gifts for my family that aren't too expensive. (College student on a budget.) HELP!?
Hi dear, I was using XP from last so many time. I just tried to install vista in my system. I format xp with win98 then incert vista cd in my cd rom and started the installation, next window appered that told me if you want to install vista you have to format your drive i just clicked for format on drive c, format stared and then vista installed in drive c. I run vista but my sound card and lan card didn't support vista. I uninstalled vista with the win98 then again installed xp. xp has been installed but my drive d and e is hidden. and my c drive only shows 512 md free space.
I checked by the right click on my computer then manage then disk management. it shows that c drive has 2GB space left and other drive is unallocated where is my complete data. shich i need urgently.
so please dear help me out how can I recover my all drives and use my data completely. I need your help personly. I'm very much worried for my complete data which is in drive d and e

you must be thinking that why i used win98 for formate all xp or vista actually i can only format with the use of win98. so plz help me out for this major prob.


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