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army ranks

army ranks

army ranks

British Army WW1 Other Ranks/NCO's service records go online
Hi Guys, some good news, but before you get too excited, things are not a straight forwards as they first seem. Read here about the news first: First World War records go online - AOL News.

All Scams and More: US Army Ranks
US Army Ranks. If you are wondering what different ranks there are, I have the answer. These can be found on various websites, but here what I found: E-1 (PVT) - Private E-2 (PV2) - Private 2. E-3 (PV1) - Private First Class ...

us army ranks wiki
http://en. wikipedia .org/ wiki /June. What did US Army rank look like before 1920? USA - The rank used in the Army during WW1 was the same as used later in WW2. World War 2 question: Is the World War 2 US Army rank T5 equivalent to a ...

US Army Major Malik Nadal Hasan Identified As Primary Shooter At ...
Robert Cone is a LIEUTENANT GENERAL, the second highest ranking officer in our Army. NOT a LIEUTENANT, the lowest ranking commissioned officer in our Army, and my rank. Please if you are going to report the news, do it in a respectful ...

Syrian Army Ranks - Battlefront Forum
I've been trying to find a guide to Syrian Army rank insignia without any success. Anyone know where I could find such info? BTW, it would be really nice to have a tooltip for the rank insignia as displayed in the interface, ...

Women are now swelling army's ranks - National News, Frontpage ...
The number of women serving in the Irish Defence Forces has increased 10pc since 2004.

Afghanistan: Teenagers Enlist in Army, Police - NAM
Sardar Mohammad Zazai, who is responsible for security in Kandahar, says that through forged NICs and family connections, minors have been allowed into the army's ranks. Since becoming the top commander in Kandahar last month however, ...

army ranks - latest 5 news, information, videos, photos, images ...
army ranks - latest 5 news, information, videos, photos, images.

New Rank! « Club Penguin World Army
Then I realized that I must lead an army and become famous. So I created the Burrito Rebels. That army was going strong until it hit a HUGE slump and only the leaders were active. So we merged into CPWA. My dream of becoming a famous ...

How long would it take for a private in the Australian army to work his/her way up to a significant rank?
1. The person commanding a ground unit (reporting back to someone commanding many ground units).

2. The second in command to the person above.

Ranks should be army based, preferably Canadian, or American.

Thanks!I'm writing a fantasy story, and the start is a flash back to a military battle about 2 years prior to the rest of the story.

The person who is in command of the unit on ground, ends up dying first his second in command takes the reigns so to speak.

Which military ranks would suit the following situations?
I am considering joining the ANG or AFR. I have some questions, if you know the answer just let me know which one it applies to. If you know the answer that applies to both that would be fabulous!

I heard that with the ANG you automatically join as an E-3-Is that true? And is it the same for the Air Force Reserves?

I know that the reserves have full time positions. Does the ANG have them also, and how do you get one?

I am interested in the Education and Training MOS or the Aerospace Medical Medical Service MOS if I go Air Force Reserve. Any input from someone thats in or was in one of the two? Also does anyone know what the bonus is for those two? they both say they have one. And does anyone know how long the AIT is for each of the positions?

I couldnt find any jobs like those two with the ANG what sort of jobs does the ANG offer?

How quickly do you pick up rank in each of them?

Is it possible or easy to transfer to Active Duty Air Force? Do you have to wait till your 6 years are up, or can you go at any time (I know with the army side you can go at anytime). Also can you keep your same job?

How quickly can you leave for Basic? And how hard is Basic?

Are there any specific questions I should ask a recruiter? Other than the ones I am asking here of course. I am meeting with an Air Force Reserve recruiter tomorrow.

Thanks in advance for any information you have!

Air National Guard/Air Force Reserves?
I applied in Jan 09 to rejoin the army (been out for about 5 years, was in the army for 6 years). I completed all required tasks, and most recently went to ADSC scotland for my medical. I passed my medical and as far as I am aware, this is the last and final part of my selection back into the army. I have spoken to the army careers, and they are waiting for it to become official on my application that I passed my medical (even though it states on their computer that I passed), before they can apply for dates back into the army.
All I want to know is, will I get to put in where I want to get posted to, will I keep my rank, how long will I have to wait to get back in and what sort of refresher training will I have to undergo? I am going back into the signals, as a ew operator.
As the army careers don't seem to have these answers for me. I have waited for this long, to have to wait again. All I want is answers.
Please Help. Thanks

Rejoining army - passed medical - when will I hear whats happening next?
My sister is in the Army National Guard and deployed today to Afghanistan. Her unit is the first unit since WWII to serve overseas under the command of a one star general. Is this saying that units are usually under the command of higher or lower ranked officers? I have no idea of the significance of this, and would really like some (educated) input. Thanks!Thanks for the info. She is in the 135th Expeditionary Sustainment Command out of Alabama. av8tor17b- I didnt have a "point", I was only asking for information. I thought I was clear in my question that I didnt understand what any of it meant and wanted to educate myself.

What rank of officer usually commands a unit deployed overseas?
GPA: 2.7
SAT Math: 570
CR: 560
W: 590
Class Rank: 68/151

Varsity Baseball 4 years and captain
Varsity Basketball 3 years
Band Honors 8 years
Busboy for an Italian restaurant

Want to study mechanical engineering and participate in Air Force ROTC.

Letter of recommendation from an Army Colonel

Would UCONN accept me into there college

Would UCONN accept me?
Is htere any way you can somehow rank all the way to the highest enlisted postion in all 5 branches of the military, seperately, so basically you join the marines go all he way to commandent of the marine corps, and then finish, join the army go all the way up, etc.

Is there any possible way...?
I came across a picture of my 2nd great grandfather who fought in WW1 and I'd like to know what his military rank was. I think he served in Austro-Hungarian army.

What military rank did the man on the picture have?
My husband wants to join the army in Australia. He's a qualified and experienced chef. I've found their web site and pay rate but I'm not sure exactly which rank he would be on.

1. How much salary would he get and which rank would he be on?

2. Could he get full rent allowance if he had dependences?

I hope many replies will be able to help me!!

Sorry, my poor English.

Many thanks.

How much salary would i earn in Australian army if i was a qualified chef?
Right now, I'm attending my second year in community collage with the plan on transferring out to a Four-Year University once I have my 64 credits. I'm very well wrapped into my studies, in my school work, foreign languages, and studying my interest in both Military/Intelligence and World Affairs. I am a polyglot, speaking several languages. Which including my native tongue of English, I'm also fluent in German, Dutch, Spanish, French, Russian, and Farsi. At the moment I'm working on Swedish, but of course I'm also working to keep my fluency in the others. Once I'm fluent in Swedish, I will probably quit learning new languages and just work at keeping the fluency in all of them.
But once I graduate from collage, hopefully with a BA degree in either Political Science or World Affairs, I would like to join either the Navy or the Army to be commissioned as an officer. I would like to serve in an SOF unit in one of the two, either go into the SEALs or once I fit the rank requirements, go into Special Forces. I also have somewhat of a dream to join the CIA as a Paramilitary Officer, which the both wrap into the same mix. But I do have a few things that I do worry about for officer commission and later CIA employment.

1. First, is my schooling. When I was in 8th grade I was frequently suspended and later expelled. In 9th grade, I was expelled from school for marijuana usage and again in tenth grade for threatening a teacher. I have changed in a large way since that time. But I ended up getting my GED, and now I'm in collage. I'm also working, even volunteering for the USO every Saturday at the local Airport. But I've been told, I may have problems because of those mishaps.

2. Websites. Now this may not be a big deal, but I used to download E-Books from websites like isohunt and thepiratebay. Must of those E-Books were books such as Paladin Press Copies and Anarchist type work. But again, I've changed in a large way from that days. I barely even read, and when I did that was mainly by rebellious side getting a kick out of the literature. Some were how to books of different destructive things, but except for playing around with my friends on my land, we never did anything with the information. But if by any chance there is some file on some of the sites I've been on, that may raise some suspicions.

3. Family. I've heard that in must security clearances that has you in contact with many classified information or just any information at all, they question your family, friends, and some time coworkers and bosses. Well the people at my job and past job won't be a problem, except for my independent keep to myself nature, I have no problems with them. I have no friends so that should be no problem. But my parents and myself never stood on good grounds. Which leads to another issue, I plan on changing my surname to separate myself from them. Nothing else, simply my family. But I can see the questioning of them not going into my favor.

Well that's all I can really think of. Those are some of my goals that I would really like to reach, but somewhat skeptical on accomplishing those goals because of my past.

P.S. I have never been arrested and I do not have a criminal record. Also, I've read that if you want to fulfill a career in many of the Clandestine units within certain government agencies, that you should keep many personal information off the internet. I have never had any form of Internet connection website account, like the face-books and myspaces. And this yahoo account is under my pen name.

Sorry for the length but this was the shortest I can get it. Also I understand that title is somewhat different then some of what I've written. Thank you for all who reads and responds.Also, I'm a patriot and I love my country. Even thought I am against must of the lobbyist in D.C. trying to change the government for there on needs. Also, I'm irreligious.

With a few mishaps in my background, will I still be able to be commissioned as an Officer in the military?
In 2003 the United States of America sent a number of our troops into Iraq to find and kill or capture terrorists. The second part of the mission was to create a new government system for Iraq and help it to become a more civilized and self-sufficient nation. What I want to know is why do we want to back out, we are not done yet and if we back out know, all the men who died, died for nothing, it was a total waste.

If you want to watch this video to see what one of our high ranked, highly trained soldiers opinions is about the war is click this.
There is a related video about some guy who says he is in the military and regrets his service, don't listen to him, he was on the news for impersonating an Army Ranger and actually went to jail.

I also need you to answer this question for me if you can.;_ylt=AvLJPdqo25y2Mw3GyeVk2MLsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20091031201811AAQMnVvThere are little to none terrorists in Iraq now because of us, what we are doing now it turning Iraq into a more SELF-SUFFICIENT nation. Maybe you people need some examples training the Iraqi military and police, installing a new government and healthy educational lifestyle. We are not over there slaughtering any people and the only people who are killing us, are the remains of the terrorists in Iraq. We started a job and as of now, the people who died, died because they sacrificed their lives to help Iraq. If we pull out now, all the work put into it will go down the drain. And that person who said they were an informed, educated wife, I have a question for you, did the president come tell you that he wanted to "take out" Saddam Hussein, or were you just told that by you husband who may or may not be right. Hmmmm... I am going to say you husband. Come on people, do you not understand that the Israelic and Iraqi citizens and government neds help? Think, use your heads.This person who wrote on here named "Daisey" I just wanted to thank you for finally saying something positive about being in Iraq. I agree, if your friend was getting robbed or beaten-up right in front of you, would you sit back and watch, or do something. I would personally do something. Anyways, I thank you personally for telling us what is really going on.


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