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fort hood texas shooting

fort hood texas shooting

fort hood texas shooting

Pam's House Blend:: Breaking News: Horrific Shooting At Ft Hood ...
and the gunman, an O-4 major, was a mental health professional. A US soldier opened fire Thursday at Fort Hood, Texas, killing at least 11 people and wounding 31 others, military officials said. The gunman was shot to death, ...

Fort Hood, Texas Shooting: 12 dead, 31 injured « Dandelion Salad
Fort Hood, Texas Shooting: 12 dead, 31 injured. Nov. 5, 2009. This is covered on television and just happened by what apparently and reportedly is an upset set of of soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas, near Waco, Texas. ...

Mass Shooting at Fort Hood Texas, 12 Dead, 31 Wounded | ChattahBox ...
(ChattahBox)--- The details are still sketchy, as the event is still ongoing, but media outlets are reporting on a deadly mass shooting at Fort Hood, Texas,

Fort Hood, Texas Shooting: 7 dead, 12 injured (developing ...
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Mass Shooting at Fort Hood - The Lede Blog -
As many as nine people have been killed and twenty wounded in a mass shooting at the Army base at Fort Hood, Texas, on Thursday, according to Lt. Col. Nathan Banks, an Army spokesman.

Shooting at Fort Hood, TX: Tonight we mourn « Seeking Liberty
Shooting at Fort Hood, TX: Tonight we mourn. At least twelve are dead and thirty more wounded after between one and three gunmen opened fire on US Army soldiers at Fort Hood Texas. Initial reports are that one gunman is believed to be a ...

BEHIND BLONDIE PARK » Blog Archive » Fort Hood Texas Shooting
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BREAKING: Shooting at Fort Hood, Texas - Twelve Soldiers Dead ...
CNN: Two gunmen in military uniforms shot and killed as many as nine people and wounded as many as 20 at Fort Hood in Texas on Thursday, officials said. One.

Breaking News in Texas: Shooting At Fort Hood « Frugal Café Blog Zone
Seven Dead and 20 Injured in Shooting at Fort Hood. The U.S. Army has closed its massive Army base at Fort Hood, Texas, amid reports that several people have been shot and killed at the post. Categories: Bless Our Troops, ...

Thoughts on ambush at Fort Hood in Texas as story develops?
7 soldiers killed, 20 wounded in a shooting spree. One of the gunmen is in custody.

Thoughts on ambush at Fort Hood in Texas as story develops?
Are there really 30 people dead? I live about 150 miles from there and the postal lady told me that someone went in shooting everyone. I have an aunt and uncle in Fort hood but not on the base, and they won't answer the phone, so I haven't gotten to ask them yet.12 Dead and 30 wounded : (They live about 5 miles from the base, and she makes floral deliveries there occasionally so its very scary.

Are any of you army wives if Fort hood Texas? Can you tell me what happened today?
How are Republicans going to blame Obama?

FORT HOOD, Texas (AP) -- The U.S. Army has closed its massive Army base at Fort Hood, Texas, amid reports that several people have been shot and killed at the post.

The Web site of the base in central Texas has posted an alert that says, "Effective immediately Fort Hood is closed." The Web site said that units at the base have been ordered to account for all personnel.

The site says, "This is not a Drill. It is an Emergency Situation."

Several television stations in Texas say several people were both killed and wounded in the shooting. Officials at the base and in the nearby town of Killeen, Texas, have not confirmed those accounts.

Fort Hood is located halfway between Austin and Waco.

Breaking News--shootings at FT. Hood, Texas?
Military Police are engaged in a firefight with one or two shooters who are held up in a building.
One shooter has been arrested.
Why are soldiers killing soldiers?
What the hell is going on?MSNBC is reporting one shooter has escaped.
One shooter is holed up in a building surrounded by MP's who are trying to get him to surrender. So far he has answered with gunfire.All the shooters were wearing US military uniforms and are presumed to be US soldiers.Second shooter has been apprehended.
Four MP's have been wounded.

Three shooters in Fort Hood, Two still on the loose. Civil War?
In the case of a zombie out break of not the undead sort I want to have a good plan to survive and I’ve come up with some brilliant plans but they all have their faults, I want to know what you guys think of them.

1.I would eat the zombies as they are an unlimited source of food. I would eat my girlfriend first to keep a low profile amongst the zombies, and then slowly take one at a time from their homes. Once they find out what I’ve been doing to them and they come to my house in a riot, I will use my auto torrent system to get rid of them before dashing out in my helicopter I stole from Obama. I will let one of the hotter zombie girls live and make her man the mini-gun and shoot up the rest of them before pushing her off the edge into the volcano. From there I will move to Vegas and do it all over again.

2.We all know that you can’t go hungry when you’re asleep, so I will inject my self with a bunch of anesthesia and fall asleep, when I wake up I’ll see if it’s all over and claim it as my country.

3.I can’t deny my sharp mind and all its clever ideas, so I was thinking I could just become the king of zombies.

4.I would barter/buy/trade/whatever as much ammo and food that I could. Buy water cartons and fill them to the top. Load up my guns , some clothes, probably my computer... (a laptop) , batteries, first aid kid, typical survival stuff.

Then, I'd get my family to do the same, rent a U-Haul and drive out to the middle of freakin' nowhere Texas, probably somewhere somewhat near Fort Hood (largest US military base, conveniently located in Texas). If I cannot get in the base, I will force my way into a rural home by making a deal with the owner... or regretfully making my presence a necessity.

I'd then immediately begin fortifying the home. Depending on how much time I had, I would do the following:

Dig deep ditches around the house, at least 3 feet deep as to, at the very least, disorient the already disoriented undead on their approach. Put up makeshift fencing or barricades. The obviously boarding up of windows and entry-exits with not just wood but metal as well.

Plan resource management, and prepare fallback scenarios into the attic or upper sections of the house (where all of the supplies will be stored).

In the meantime I would bring in more supplies until it was no longer safe. After which point we'd wait it out until we eventually, and inevitable run out of food or water.

The other less realistic solution is to get large groups of planes together to ferry supplies to Siberian or Arctic regions/towns/scientific outposts. The threat of zombies are ridiculously low, but supplies will eventually run out no matter what (unless you plan on farming in Russia).

Please give me your feedback on my ideas as I think I might need a set plan soon, thanks.

What do you think of my plan?


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