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mike and the mad dog

mike and the mad dog

mike and the mad dog

TIU OUTTAKES: Mike and the Mad Dog to Reunite for 1 Day « J ...
With the Yankees back in the ALCS, just like old times, the buildup to tonight's Game 1 will include a nostalgic media touch: a mini-reunion of “Mike and the Mad Dog” on WFAN [and YES Network]. Just after 1 p.m., Chris Russo is ...

Fang's Bites: BREAKING NEWS: Mike & The Mad Dog to Reunite.... Briefly
Mike & the Mad Dog Reunion at Yankee Stadium on YES - Multiple sources have indicated to the Blitz that Chris 'Mad Dog' Russo will appear on the Mike Francesa show on YES from Yankee Stadium Friday. 80% confid... 2 hours ago ...

Bob's Blitz: *Exclusive Breaking News - Mike & the Mad Dog Reunion ...
*Update - WFAN was forced to report that Mad Dog will appear on YES at 1:05pm today after our report surfaced. WFAN lists 'PROGRAMMING ALERT: 1:05 today---Mad Dog Christopher Russo will join Mike Francesa on the FAN live from Yankee ...

Mike and the Mad Dog, Chris Russo
This has been rumored over the last day or so, but it's now official. Mike Francesa and Chris Russo who split up last year after Russo left WFAN for Sirius XM.

Mike and the Mad Dog Reunite ... Sort Of -- The Sports Section
How are Mike and the Mad Dog doing without each other? Take a listen.

Bleachers' Brew: Live Mikes
For a couple of years, I tune into Mike and the Mad Dog on WFAN in New York (when I'd get the chance). If I didn't catch them on radio, they were also shown on the YES Network. Mike Francesca and Chris "Mad Dog" Russo were behind a ...

Worked with "square tubing"? Good laugh. - North Carolina Woodworker
Mad Dog. View Public Profile · Find More Posts by Mad Dog ... I meant to tell you, Mors Kochanski said "thats a spoon made by an expert" -BR-. Show Printable Version · Email this Page · Quote this post in a PM to Mike Davis ...

Arkansas Blog: Mike Ross: Go figure
Mike Ross: Go figure. MAD ABOUT MIKE: Resemblance is striking, don't you think? Best I can tell, this article in The Hill is not a hoax: Blue Dog Rep. Mike Ross, who made headlines by rejecting a compromise he'd negotiated on a public ...

Sorry ASCAP, A Ringtone Is Not A Public Performance | Techdirt
Of course, in this case we see a dog biting another dog, and it's very entertaining. Hey, here is the news, we are much more empowered now by new technology and new communication methods. The days where you can just steamroll us, your paying customers, are over. OVER I SAID. ... But Mike, those collection people across the pond get to charge users for playing the radio for themselves and their horse so why shouldn't the ASCAP get to do something for ringtones here? ...

Do you enjoy Mike and the Mad dog MORE now that the Mad dog is gone?

I ran up on a nigga named Mac in a black Ac, put the gat to his cap, click clack, sorry jack but get up outta that
They wanna know why, I'm so fly, a girl asked me for a ring and I put one around her whole eye (No Endz, No Skinz)
I got styles you can't copy bitch, its the triple six/ In the mix, straight from H-E-double hockey sticks (Danger Zone)
I'm makin rap hits, I snap flicks and mack chicks/ Just the slim ones, you won't see L with no fat bitch
I'm makin ducks shed much tears, I buck queers/ I don't have it all upstairs but who the fuck cares (Da Graveyard)
I got slugs for snitches, no love for bitches/ Puttin thugs in ditches when my trigger finger itches
I'm known for yokin jacks and beatin em wit smokin gats/ Leavin token blacks with broken backs and open caps
I ain't looking nothing like ya poppa, I wouldn't give a chick ten cents to put cheese on a Whopper (MVP)
Ayo my crew be deliverin hot lead when gats I clench, rappers I jack and lynch, nobody could fuck with the way I be killing up shit in rap events, Big L is that nigga you expect to catch rep on any cassette deck, i'm so ahead of my times my parents haven't met yet
I got more riches than you, fuck more bitches than you/ Only thing I haven't got is more, stitches than you/ Fuckin punk, you ain't a leader, what? Nobody followed you/ You was never shit, your mother shoulda swallowed you
I cook the mic like a beef steak cause my techniques great/ And I'm the nigga police hate in each state
Shut your mouth up before I buck lead and make a lot of blood shed/ Turn your tux red, I'm far from broke, got enough bread/ And mad hoes...ask Beavis I get nothin' +butt head+ ('98 Freestyle)
My style is harder than strong lumba, cute chicks get the dick, ugly bitches get the wrong numba
I ran through every bitch in my path, I been fuckin' chicks in the ass since I was six and a half
Old folks get mugged and raided/Crimes are drug related/And we live by the street rules that thugs created
Clowns get smoked about a thousand volts/For selling pounds of coke/Front in this town and get a tech stuck down your throat
I'm tellin you shit is about to get drastic soon/I'm quick to blast a goon/And break a motherfucker like a plastic spoon
Run, and get your brain pinched. Big L 'l have your gang lynched, I started smokin' dutches, been insane since.
Tracks I'm known to roast/Until the microphone is ghost/Props I own the most/I'm leaving niggaz comatose
All through high school I had braids/I kept mad blades/Stabbing teachers to death that gave me bad grades
I probably got your mommy strung/Niggaz hear me and take more notes than Connie Chung/My clan plans to get Guillianni hung
Never had a gassed head/Got loot cause I stash bread/Try to tax and I'ma beat your faggot ass half-dead
I stalk white cops till they life stops, for a low price hobbs, cause my blood is colder than an ice box.
And every time a mack eleven bucks/I'm killing at least seven ducks/I never was a follower of Reverend Butts
The bitch type I dislike, I'm rougher than a fist fight/All chicks ain't shit, ain't no such thing as Miss Right/So we can never be a couple hun/Fuck love, all I got for ho's is hard dick and bubble gum
My 38 works great, so make a mistake and hesitate/I can't wait to demonstrate this nickel plate
He didn't listen to what I was speakin/He started reaching/So I left him sleepin with his temple leaking
What's this muthafuckin rap game without L?/Yo, that's like jewels without ice/That's like China without rice/Or the Holy Bible without Christ/Or the Bulls without Mike/Or crackheads without pipes/The Village without dykes/Or hockey games without fights
Make sure my mic is loud and my production is tight/betta watch me round your girl if you ain't fuckin her right
everywhere that i go brothers know my fucking name/ im flooring niggas and i only weigh a buck and change
I wasn't 'poor', I was po', I couldn't afford the 'o-r'
I fuck around and throw three in your chest, and flee to my rest,I'm, older and smarter this is me at my best
My game is, vicious and cool,Fuckin chicks is a rule,If my girl think I'm loyal then that bitch is a fool
I'm straight loco, to hell with you and your broke hoe,You ain't a big dog, you more like Toto, you got no dough,I smoke 'dro mixed with cocoa, strong as bolo,I pack a fo'-fo', platinum ro-ro,Anti-homo, that's a no-no so fuck po'-po'
Suprise niggas like a blind date, L rhyme great,And I'm a increase the crime rate for old time's sake
So pal back up a bit, give me elbow space,I represent Harlem World, not Melrose Place
I've got a left hook, that be leavin' guys knocked out,Keep frontin', and I'm a choke you till your eyes pop out
Yo, I'm not in the mood, son, so don't push me tonight,Plus I fucked your little sister and that pussy was right,That pussy was tight, grippin' my dick like a pair of pliers,You fuckin' snitch, right now you prolly wearin' wires
I'm not a sweet s

The best rapper is...?
1. For his birthday, get him a $50 Mc Donald's gift cards, then get offended when he tells you he doesn't eat food
2. Buy him a dog, name it "JACOB BLACK"
3. Suggest a self tanner
4. Tells him that the bags under his eyes are from lack of sleep, and offer to let him borrow your concealar
5. Make a long list "Why Bella should leave him"
6. Read to him. OUT LOUD
7. Have the Cullens meet the Harry Potter people
8. Make Edward go to "Anger Management class"
9. Tell him Bella is pregnant and eloping with Mike Newton
10. Tell him you were kidding once he murders Mike Newton
11. Challenge him on a competition and try to cheat him
12. When he knows it, hide somewhere sunny and public so he can't get you
13. Run over his Volvo with Bella's truck and say " Don't get mad, I'm sure JACOB could be happy to fix it to you"
14.Tell him to be a gangster with you for Halloween
15. Tell him that the whole school thought he was a "GAY" before Bella moved to Forks.

15 ways to annoy EDWARD cullen?
but unfortunately i have some problems.
with the movies and book.
but i really did like it.
none oy'all get mad cause im just expressing my opinions in a nice way. :]
soo on the movie i really don't like how bella gasps after every sentence.
and in the book (especially midnight sun) it keeps talking about hoe unselfish she is. i mean i get it and every thing, but thanks for continually slapping me in the face with it. and how she calls mike a golden retriever. its kinda odd you would compare a boy (that happens to like you) to a dog. it seems like he is far from those sex driven freaks we come into contact with now days. lol. i mean i understand how golden retrivers are so nice and stay by your side and everything but in my opinion its kinda rude.

but all critics say something good. i love twilight. (is it wrong to love something that wont love you bacK?? *shrug* whateverr. )
the plots good and everything.

oh yeah...
read this
its freakin halarious.
but dont click if your gonna get mad

but anyways thanks for reading.
any other views (same or not the same as mine works)

Twilight Lovers... Midnight sun readers. twilights my personal drug.?
1. For his birthday, get him a $50 Mc Donald's gift cards, then get offended when he tells you he doesn't eat food
2. Buy him a dog, name it "JACOB BLACK"
3. Suggest a self tanner
4. Tells him that the bags under his eyes are from lack of sleep, and offer to let him borrow your concealar
5. Make a long list "Why Bella should leave him"
6. Read to him. OUT LOUD
7. Have the Cullens meet the Harry Potter people
8. Make Edward go to "Anger Management class"
9. Tell him Bella is pregnant and eloping with Mike Newton
10. Tell him you were kidding once he murders Mike Newton
11. Challenge him on a competition and try to cheat him
12. When he knows it, hide somewhere sunny and public so he can't get you
13. Run over his Volvo with Bella's truck and say " Don't get mad, I'm sure JACOB could be happy to fix it to you"
14.Tell him to be a gangster with you for Halloween
15. Tell him that the whole school thought he was a "GAY" before Bella moved to Forks.

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15ways to annoy Edward Cullen ?
Patient: Doctor, I feel like a pack of cards.
Psychiatrist: I'll deal with you later.
Patient: Everyone keeps ignoring me.
Psychiatrist: Next please!
Mother: Mrs. Jokes next door has a new baby.
Daughter: What will she do with her old one?
Mother: You prayed for grandma, grandpa, and Aunt Sue. Why didn't you pray for Uncle John too?
Daughter: I didn't want to ask for too much.
Parent: I'd like a day without punishing you.
Little Mishief: You have my full permission!
Sailor: I was shipwrecked, and lived on a can of sardines for a week.
Captain: My, weren't you afraid that you'd fall off?
Student: Could I get in trouble if I didn't do something?
Teacher: Well, I don't suppose so.
Student: In that case, I didn't do my homework.
Jim: What's white, steep, and has ears?
Tara: I don't know.
Jim: A snow-covered mountain.
Tara: What about the ears?
Jim: Haven't you ever heard of mountaineers?
Camp Counselor: How did you get that horrible swelling on your nose?
Camper: I bent down to smell a brose.
Camp Counselor: There isn't a B in rose.
Camper: There was in this one!
Student: Teacher, how can I look up a word to spell in the dictionary
if I don't know how to spell the word in the first place?
Teacher: Why do they call it a Hot Water Heater? You don't need to heat hot water!
Polly: Why are you eating nickels?
Molly: Because the teacher wants to see some change in me.
Patient: Doctor, I have a problem. I can't remember anything.
Doctor: How long have you had this problem?
Patient: What problem?
Ben: Did you hear about the new dance called the elevator?
Mike: I sure didn't! What's it like?
Ben: It has no steps!
Mailman 1: A dog bit me on the leg this morning.
Mailman 2: Did you put anything on it?
Mailman 1: No, he liked it plain.
Teacher: Joey, please use the word "wagon" in a sentence.
Joey: Ok, "If I told my dog to stop wagon his tail, he would still wag on."
Teacher: Charles, please use "discount" in a sentence.
Charles: Yes, ma'am. "Does discount as a sentence?"
Teacher: Duff, please use the word "window" in a sentence.
Duff: Yes, sir, here goes: "I entered a contest but didn't window."
Teacher: What do letters B.C. mean?
Pupil: Before Calculators.
Jake: I got an anonymous letter.
John: From whom?
Lenny: May I hold your hand?
Jenny: No, it is not that heavy.
Don: I didn't know our school was haunted.
Ron: Neither did I. How did you find out?
Don: Everybody's been talking about our school spirit.
Brent: In your opinion, what is the height of stupidity?
Trent: How tall are you?
Customer: When I bought this cat, you told me he was good for mice. He doesn't go near them!
Clerk: Well, isn't that good for mice?
Customer: Hi. I'm looking for a good buy.
Salesman: Oh. Ok. Goodbye.
Billy: Do you write with your right or left hand?
Joel: My left hand.
Billy: Wrong! You write with a pencil!
Jack: Did you hear about the giant that threw up?
Jill: No, how'd you know?
Jack: It is all over town!
Pam: Is it okay to eat hotdogs with hands?
Sam: No, hotdogs don't have hands!
Joe: I was built backwards.
Mary: How?
Joe: My nose runs, and my feet smell!
Mad Professor: I have made a new invention!
Student: What does it do?
Mad Professor: It allows people to look through brick walls!
Student: What is it called?
Mad Professor: It's called a window!
Bobby: I've owned this car for 15 years and never had a wreck.
Prospective buyer: You mean you've owned this wreck for 15 years and never had a car.
Mary: Did you know they're not making pencils any longer?
Sue: Wow! Why not?
Mary: They're already long enough!
Michael: I was on tv today.
Jeremy: You're kidding! How long were you on?
Michael: Not very much. When my mom saw me she just told me to get off.
Sarah: Why were you late for your plane?
Jan: I had to say goodbye to my pets.
Sarah: But you were 2 hours late!
Jan: I have an ant farm!
George: Look, I just found a lost baseball.
Louis: How do you know it's lost?
George: Because the kids down the street are still looking for it!
Mom: What are you doing?
Bob: Washing myself, of course.
Mom: Without soap and water?
Bob: Haven't you ever heard of dry cleaning.
Teacher: Say, you can't sleep in my class.
Student: I could if you didn't talk so loud.
Teacher: Chubb, who invented the airplane that did not fly?
Chubb: The Wrong Brothers.

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A good friend of my parents has had a hard time keeping jobs. He has lived all over the country wherever his job takes his. At one point and time, he lived next to us and was our neighbor. About three months ago in July he found a job about 5 minutes from my house. However, he currently lived about 3-4 hours away (i think, I dont know) with his wife.

Well this friend didn't have a place to stay while he was at his job here, so he asked if he could stay with us. It was fine for a few weeks but now after 3 months i am fed up. He did at one time try to get an apartment, but it didnt work out. Thats fine, but my question is why didn't he just try to find another one? Also, some times his wife (also a good friend) comes down for the weekend, and once they brought their son and his dog, which made it hard for my dog because they didn't want to get along.

My parents have been fine. They let them bring their son and his dog. The reason I'm mad is because its just awkward. Every time I have friends over their always like "who is that guy?!" and i tell them how hes just staying with us but they see him again 2 weeks later and i tell them the whole story. He tries to be nice and thats fine but he trys to be like how was ur day just like he always lived with us and sorta be fatherly and its really annoying

he also compleatly ruined our downstairs bathroom and my game room. Before he moved in, i spent lots of money on furniture, lighting, and other stuff because i was going to turn an unused room into a game room. this was before i knew he was coming. i havent been able to use it since because its "mikes room" according to my parents. Now the bathroom and game room smell strongly of deodorant soap. The smell is overwhelming and all my friends are always like why does it smell in there whenever I have a party.

I havent talked to my parents at all about this. I don't know if he helps pay any of the bills or if he as offered. the whole deal is that until his wife sells their house about 4 hours away, he will stay with us (unless he finds another place to live....yea right) with the economy the way it is, it could be years until they sell their house.

I dont want to sound like a spoiled brat, but i think its incredibly insensitive to just think someone will let you stay with them for this long. we didn't know it was going to be 3 months. my parents seem fine, but i have talked with my grandma and she feels the same way as me. 3 months is too long.

I guess what I am asking for is your opinion and some ways to bring this up to my parents. It is so annoying him being here for 3 months (actually its closer to 4)

and all he ever does is lay on the couch and watch tv when he gets home. he buys a bottle of wine every now and then, but thats not good enough in my opinion, when he is using our water, our electricity, and living under our roof in an economy like this. I think my parents don't care because they know him so well, but i've never been fond of him. He asks questions he knows the answers to (which sort of makes him look like an idiot) and he is overweight and walks around in a pair of short-shorts and a tshirt, which doesnt exactly cover it up. its also just annoying caus he slurps everything he eats (soup, even YOGURT!)

thanks for reading this!

in case u wanted to know i am a 14 year old guy

Help with parents' friend - freeloader?
1. "We scare because we care" Mike and I live in Montropolis.

2. I am half man and half fish and was discovered by a group of geologists when they first encountered me in the Amazon.

3. I used to rule supreme in my part of the world until I met a beautiful woman. I am over 50 feet high.

4. My real name is Larry Talbot until I became cursed. Now I am known by another name as I wander the Welsh countryside searching for a cure to my curse.

5. I live in a world of dreams and my weapon of choice is a leather glove with 6 inch knives.

6. I have no one to blame but myself for the mess I got myself in. I should have checked that teleporter before I began my experiment.

7. I have been evil since age 6. I have been on a rampage ever since I escaped that awful insane assylum.

8. I although I am a monster, I did get married. I even had a starring role with Abbott and Costello.

9. I have been in over 150 movies first appearing in 1922. I still look the same today as I did in that first movie. Oh yeah, I also am in Sesame Street.

10. I can morph, first appearing as an egg and drip with a universal solvent that can eat its way through a ship deck. One person even called me a "perfect organism/"

11. My real name is Imhotep and was buried alive for trying to bring back the *censored*.

12. I am the one doll you would not want for your children.

13. I am a brilliant and charming psychiatrist with one single flaw, my choice of the main course with my beans and Chiante.

14. I ruled over my territory until a girl with beautiful shoes offed me.

15. A nurse by trade, I guess you could call me the ultimate obsessed fan. My hero thought I was an angel of mercy until he learned I had a serious control issue.

16. A motel keeper, I was dominated by my mother. Don't take showers alone.

17. Ok, so I don't know how to play hockey.

18. I am a gifted musician who is obessed with a young singer and will do anything to protect her and keep her for myself.

19. I am a prehistoric lizard who was mutated by atomic warfare.
I have been terrorizing people in my island ever since.

20. Steve McQueen was in the movie about me. I have to eat humans to survive.

21. I was first a human until i dabbled in black magic and got transformed into Lead Cenobite.

22. I was a mild mannered doctor until I partook of a potion I invented. This potion brought out my wild side.

23. It has been said if you look in a mirror and say my name 5 times I will appear. Care to try it for yourself?

24. I was switched at birth for the stillborn child of the ambassador of Italy. I have a nasty habit of offing my nannies.

25. I used to be a lovable St Bernard until biten by a rabid bat. Now I am one mad dog!

Who are the following monsters.....?
I am a true falcon fan and hope to see MIKE return. I wont say the things he done was right but lets be real the man makes money and the NFL misses that xxxxtra money. Dogs are animals in my eyes and there is no difference in shooting a dear or eating your family farm pig. I cant stand people to say he should go to HELL and DIE for what he did or He is not a role model cause he fought dogs. Did we forget DOG and Chicken fights were very common just less than 100 yrs ago. We see on TV everyday people shooting BAMBI and CUT the head off and stick it on the WALL so what makes that right ? A dog is not an animal such as a deer ? I think the PEOPLE who think VICK should go to hell and never return are just upset racist who was MAD he had more money throwing a football than they can make going to work a 9-5 everyday.

So i'm in the air force. My wife decided she also wanted to join the air force. However i got deployed and now she leaves for basic in two weeks. Out of nowhere she started saying that her feelings for me have changed and she wants a divorce. It all started happening after she kissed a girl and i got mad. Then she had my friend sleep in my bed with her (i don't know if anything happened there or not), and then she started lying to me about everything. So i got mad, and shut off her cell phone which is in my name and i pay for. Then i told her i'm going to take the cars away (both in my name, i pay for them because she doesn't have a job). She was super mad at me and that's when she started saying that everything is my fault and i'm trying to cut her out of everything and now she wants a divorce for sure. She came back from her vacation yesterday and sent me an email. Here they are:

hey, i just wanted to let you know that i got back okay yesterday. the dogs didnt really recognize me at first. it might've been also cause i cut my hair. but they're doing good. they were well taken care of. blue is bigger, weight wise, he looks good and sable looks good too. im gonna try to close the wamu account today (our joint bank account but my paycheck don't go there) so we dont have to worry about it. i think that's all, oh, and did you know that mike ( my friend, i told him he could use the car (my car)) took my car to some place like 2 or 3 hours away from here to take it camping when he has his own vehicles? i found a little grill in the trunck when i was putting my luggage in there yesterday, im not too happy about it. he put quite a bit of miles on it. but oh well i guess. but yea, im here now in one piece.

My reply was: So do you still want to give the dogs away and do you still want a divorce?

Her reply:

im gonna try to find someone who wants both dogs. i dont think its right to keep the dogs as a bourdon to jessie( our roommate) he is thinking about moving after his lease is up in novembre. so, i'll pack your stuff up before i leave, but you are probably gonna have to find someone to pick it up and store it. i'll just pack what is mine (clothes, pix of my fam, computer, and dvd player) umm...i had a meeting today with my recuiter and his boss and they said that it would be best to hold of the divorce process untill i get out of basic because it would hurt me if i have a civil lawsuit opened on my records. i hope that answers your question. thanks for putting that money there, but i really dont need it. but i guess if something comes up, i'll use it. i really dont care anymore about the usaa account. im really wasnt using it to begin with i guess. but yea, that'll be one of the things we take care of when you get back. im going to start organizing all the stuff. and when i figure out where to keep the important documents, i'll let you know where they are.

Do you guys think she'll regret her decisions (possibly in basic training wwhen she's all stressed) and come back to me? Or is this kind of thing something that a marriage can't recover from? What do you guys think?

Asses my divorce situation please and provide feedback (LONG)?
here is a random survey. have fun

Would you consider yourself poor?:
Do you have a job?:
Do you have more than 5 dollars on you right now?:
Are you greedy with your money?:
Do you like shopping for other people?:

Who are the people in your immediate family?:
Are you estranged from anyone in your family?:
Who are you the least likely to give a kidney to?:
Do you get an allowance?: .
Are you an aunt/uncle?:
Do you have family parties?:

Who are/is your best friend(s)?:
Do you like your school?:
What do you remember most about middle school?:
Do you get detentions?:
Who was your best friend in 8th grade?:

Does your school issue planners to you
What class are you?:
Do you have a class ring?: .
Do you share everything (clothes, secrets, anything) with your friends?:
Who's house are you at most?:
Have you ever been on vacation with a friend?:
When is your last day of school this year?:
Who do you talk to most in 4th period?:
What time do you get out of school?:
Have you ever taken a computer class?:
Do you plan on going to college?:

What is your favorite TV show?:
What is the last band tee that you've bought?:
Do you like Guitar Hero?:
What do you plan on naming your children?:
Would you date anyone younger than you?:
What is your maternal grandmother's first name?
Your grandfather?:
Why do Cheez-Its taste so good?:
Do you watch Mythbusters?: i
What is the Southernmost state that you've been to?:
Have you ever kayaked?:
Do you like the outdoors?:
Do you own any dogs? Names, breed...?:
Can you type fast?:
Have you ever seen Into The Wild?:
Do you sleep with the TV on?:
Do you eat breakfast?: n
DO you like college ruled or wide ruled notebooks?:
Would you rather write with a pen or a pencil?:
Do you need to shower?:
Do you have straight or curly hair?:
What is your oldest sister's name?:
Do you own a cell phone?:
Do you think Mike Rowe is sexy?:
Would you eat a cricket for $1,000?:
Have you ever breathed in helium?:
What is the elemental name for gold?:
Do you like gold or silver better?:
Do you own an iPod?:
What is your favorite color?:
What is your mom's name?:
How old was your mom when she had you?:
Do you like cottage cheese?:
Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?:
Would you buy a CD from Britney Spears?:
Do you like Mad-Libs?:
Would you date Tori Belleci?:
What color is your home phone?:
Have you ever been to Europe?:
Which is worse, Geometry or Algebra?:
Do you love Music?:
What is your favorite band?:
Do you use Photobucket?:
What is your favorite quote?:
Where are you going on your next vacation?:

it was a copy and paste, and i needed to ask a question... jeez sorry


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