Friday, October 16, 2009

myron scholes

myron scholes

myron scholes

CNBC Bravo: Scholes Interview, and Santelli / Leesman Exchange ...
I just watched Mr. Myron Scholes being interviewed by Becky Quick on CNBC. First off I would like to congratulate Becky Quick for conducting such an.

myron scholes - latest 5 news, information, videos, photos, images ...
myron scholes - latest 5 news, information, videos, photos, images.

Myron Scholes and Robert Merton: Banks Need To Mark To Market
Banks want to avoid marking to market because they just want to pretend trash is gold.

Smart guys and Wall Street - Paul Krugman Blog -
Myron Scholes of black-box fame discussing Taylor rule, output gap, Fed on CNBC; says parallels to dot-com era ? btw- do you agree with your name being thrown around like loose change in Ethridge's Opinionator column re: Goldman ? ...

Myron Scholes
A recent stage play, titled The Power of Yes, utilized the theater for an entirely different type of infotainment. I call it infotainment as the speaker used.

Western Rifle Shooters Association: A Message From The City
I am a child of Freidman, Fisher Black, Myron Scholes and the modern international financial system. My analysis was steeped in the neo-classical, efficient markets paradigm. Friedman's ideal was working. ...

Singaporean Skeptic: NYT Interview with Myron Scholes
Here is the NYT interview by Deborah Solomon with economics Nobel laurette Myron Scholes. Myron Scholes is known for 2 things. Winning the Nobel Prize for his part in the Black-Scholes equation and being responsible for Long Term ...

Unresolved problems | Buttonwood's notebook |
In addition to Economist journalists and editors, the event features Larry Summers, George Soros, Wilbur Ross, Guillermo Ortiz, Elizabeth Warren, Jeff Sachs, Robert Shiller, Myron Scholes, and many others. ...

Fallacies of the Nobel Gods Scholes, Merton, and Black The final ...
In 1973, Myron Scholes published a paper with Fischer Black on 'Pricing of Options and Corporate Liabilities', incorporating suggestions from Merton Miller (of M&M Theory fame) and Eugene Fama (father of the Efficient Market Hypothesis) ...


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