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phillies dodgers score

phillies dodgers score

phillies dodgers score

Phillies Dodgers Score!
FINAL - Final score for game one of the Phillies vs. Dodgers - Phillies win 8-6. The Phillies Dodgers win came after Phillies' Carlos Ruiz and Raul.

Phillies Versus Dodgers, NLCS Preview :
Offensively, this series pits the Dodgers ability to get on base against the Phillies superior power. The Dodgers hold the best OBP in the National League, the Phillies the best slugging percentage. The Dodgers score runs by keeping the ...

» Ruiz, Howard, Ibanez Lead Phillies Past Dodgers in NLCS Opener ...
... to their 5-4 lead against Dodger threats, lefthanded Dodger reliever George Sherrill began the eighth ining by walking Howard and Jayson Werth before Raul Ibanez padded the score with a 3 run shot to rightfield. 8-4 Phillies. ...

Phillies' power capitalizes on free passes - Major League Baseball ...
DODGERS SCORE 2 IN 8TH TO CUT PHILLIES LEAD 8-6 - CBS 2 KCAL 9. Dodgers seventh. Bastardo pitching. A.Ethier doubled to right. Park pitching. Man.Ramirez grounded out, third baseman P.Feliz to initial baseman Howard. Kemp struck out. ...

Dodgers get another shot at Phillies on Friday - LA Daily News
We had a number of opportunities and hit some balls hard, but ... seven walks is a little bit tough to overcome." Four of the Philadelphia batters who walked came around to score. History is already against the Dodgers. ...

Homer-happy Phils beat Dodgers 8-6 in NLCS opener | Washington ...
"We know we're going to have to go out there and score runs. The Dodgers aren't going to back down," Ryan Howard said. "We know they're going to come in waves and continue to fight, and that's what they did." ...

Watch Philadelphia Phillies vs Los Angeles Dodgers 2009 MLB NLCS ...
Just watch Phillies vs Dodgers 2009 live championship series match from Los Angeles, Dodgers home. Dodgers vs Phillies game time will start 8:07 pm EDT Thursday. Stay tune to TBS TV for the Dodgers vs Phillies game result and score. ...

Only the names, and the fact that the Dodgers are much, much ...
A Myers single helped the Phillies score four times in the bottom of the inning to go ahead 4-1. Loney had another big hit off of Myers in the third, an RBI-single that made it 4-2. The Phils extended their lead to 8-2 with four more ...

Analysis: Dodgers Won't Have a Cakewalk vs. Phillies - Bats Blog ...
The Phillies have better pitchers than the Dodgers, although Kershaw is a stud. The addition of Lee makes a huge difference for the Phils. Both teams can score runs in bunches. I'm not convinced that the run differential is that ...

Who will win today's games?
Here are mine:

New York Yankees (101-61) AL EAST CHAMPS (#1 SEED)
Boston Red Sox (89-74) 12 Games Back
Tampa Bay Rays (83-79) 19 Games Back
Toronto Blue Jays (74-88) 28 Games Back
Baltimore Orioles (61-101) 41 Games Back

Detroit Tigers (92-70) AL CENTRAL CHAMPS (#3 SEED)
Chicago White Sox (84-78) 8 Games Back
Minnesota Twins (80-82) 12 Games Back
Cleveland Indians (73-89) 19 Games Back
Kansas City Royals (63-99) 29 Games Back

Los Angeles Angels (95-67) AL WEST CHAMPS (#2 SEED)
Texas Rangers (90-73) 5 Games Back AL WILDCARD WINNER
Seattle Mariners (80-82) 15 Games Back
Oakland Athletics (64-98) 31 Games Back

Philadelphia Phillies (90-72) NL EAST CHAMP (#3 SEED)
Atlanta Braves (89-73) 1 Game Back
Florida Marlins (89-73) 1 Game Back
New York Mets (73-89) 17 Games Back
Washington Nationals (68-94) 22 Games Back

St. Louis Cardinals (94-68) NL CENTRAL WINNER (#2 SEED)
Chicago Cubs (90-72) 4 Games Back
Houston Astros (82-80) 12 Games Back
Milwaukee Brewers (81-81) 13 Games Back
Pittsburgh Pirates (69-93) 21 Games Back
Cincinnati Reds (68-94) 22 Games Back

Colorado Rockies (96-67) NL WEST CHAMPS (#1 SEED)
Los Angeles Dodgers (95-68) 1 Game Back NL WILDCARD WINNER
San Francisco Giants (90-72) 6.5 Games Back
Arizona Diamondbacks (67-95) 28.5 Games Back
San Diego Padres (61-101) 34.5 Games Back

New York Yankees (101-61)
Texas Rangers (90-73)
The Scoop: Rangers surprised a LOT of people this year (including me) and I think it will continue here. If you look at the past few years it almost looks like the "Curse of the Bambino" has transferred to the Yankees. The Yankees haven't won a series in the playoffs since 2004. The same year the Red Sox won it. Rangers in 5.

Los Angeles Angels (95-67)
Detroit Tigers (92-70)
The Scoop: Pitching conquers hitting in the playoffs, and that would be the Tigers in this case. Even though the Angels offense would crush the Tigers offense this year, The Tigers pitching has been far superior this year, and when it comes down to a 5 game series I'd take Verlander (3.29 ERA), Jackson (2.85), Washburn (3.18), Porcello (4.21) and Gallaraga (5.16) over Weaver (3.89 ERA), Lackey (4.00), Sullivan (5.91), Santana (6.25) and Bell (5.91). Tigers in 4.

Colorado Rockies (96-67)
Philadelphia Phillies (90-72)
The Scoop: As you saw with the Rangers, I like Cinderella story's. The Phillies have too much experience. Their the defending champs, and they won't go down easy. Phillies in 3.

St. Louis Cardinals (94-68)
Los Angeles Dodgers (95-68)
The Scoop: Manny Ramirez is a man on a mission... well, at least a man running out of time! Cardinals are a team run mostly on the raw power of Albert Pujols, and that doesn't work in the playoffs. Even though the Cards have been rocking the Dodgers this season, I think it'll be a different story in the playoffs. Dodgers in 5.

Detroit Tigers (95-71)
Texas Rangers (93-75)
The Scoop: The Tigers have dominated the Rangers in the season series at 7-2. The combined score has been 56-32! Not to mention, the two Detroit losses came by their worst pitcher and by a pitcher who was subsequently traded for Jarrod Washburn! In the Cardinals case the reason I had that turn around in the playoffs was because the Cardinals are a 1 man team. The Rangers arn't. Therefore... Tigers in 5.

Philadelphia Phillies (93-72)
Los Angeles Dodgers (98-70)
The Scoop: The Phillies are not as good as last year. The Dodgers are better. Manny Ramirez will lead his team to a world series berth. This is somewhat a hunch, but... Dodgers in 7.

Detroit Tigers (99-72)
Los Angeles Dodgers (102-73)
The Scoop: In past years, most winners of the World Series have lost before they won. If you look at each teams current 25 man roster, these are the players that have been to a World Series (minimum 10 games for pitchers, 35 games for position players)...

SP Edwin Jackson (2008 Rays)
SP Justin Verlander (2006 Tigers)
SP Jarrod Washburn (2002 Angels)
SP/RP Zach Miner (2006 Tigers)
RP Bobby Seay (2006 Tigers)
CP Fernando Rodney (2006 Tigers)
1B Miguel Cabrera (2003 Marlins)
2B Placido Polanco (2006 Tigers)
3B Brandon Inge (2006 Tigers)
SS Adam Everett (2005 Astros)
IF Ramon Santiago (2006 Tigers)
LF Carlos Guillen (2006 Tigers)
CF Curtis Granderson (2006 Tigers)
RF Magglio Ordonez (2006 Tigers)
DH Marcus Thames (2006 Tigers)

TOTAL: 15 of 25

SP/RP Jeff Weaver (2003 Yankees)
C Brad Ausmus (2005 Astros)
LF Juan Pierre (2003 Marlins)
LF Manny Ramirez (1995 Indians, 1997 Indians, 2004 Red Sox, 2007 Red Sox)

Total: 4 of 25

Way more experience on the Tigers... Tigers in 6.



Whatcha think and what are yours?

Heading into the final stretch of the season, what are your final predictions?
Ten points for most correct answers
Yankees/Red Sox
Orioles/White Sox

Tie breaker: How many total runs will be scored in the Giants/Rockies game?

Who will win today's games?
Here are mine (You don't have to provide and explanation if you want to do it quickly):

NL East: Phillies - Even if they start to trip at the finish line, they still have two seires with the Nationals and Mets each.

NL Centrral: Cardinals - I think with the moves for DeRosa, Holliday, and Lugo, they've really made themselves a world series contender. Smoltz may even find his niche in relief somewhere.

NL West: Dodgers - This was tough. There schedule for the rest of the season is hot and cold. They face many weak teams such as the Pirates and Nats, but also play tough divisional oppenents as well, the Rockies and Giants. In the end I think they'll pull it out.

NL Wildcard: Giants- This was also tough. Both teams, the Rockies and the Giants have very tough schedules (The former having a slightly tougher one). However, the Giants pitching I think will be too much. Also Freddy Sanchez should start to pay off.

AL East: Yankees - Easy choice, best record in majors and not turning back most likely.

AL Central: White Sox - I have to go with the Sox to pull it out at the end. The Tigers made one of the biggest moves at the deadline when getting Washburn and he hasn't payed off with the exception of one of his four starts. His last start he gave up 4 homers. I think he'll help the Tigers tank every 5 days.

AL West: Angels - Gotta go with the Angels. Batting about .290 as a team. Amazing. I actually saw one box score where all their starters had a .300 average at the end of the game.

AL Wildcard: Rangers - It came down to the Red Sox, Rangers, and Rays. I picked the Rangers because they have an insanely easier schedule than the other two teams.

Fun bit o' info: The Phillies pitchers were flat out incredible in the D-Backs series. Here is why:

1. All winning pitchers had two hits each.
2. A combined 5 pitchers gave up 5 runs (4 earned) in the 3 games.
3. Last but not least, there was not a single walk given up by the Phillies in the three games.I apologize for being so long winded.@Fungo - I hope that's not sarcasm I hear.

What does your playoff bracket look like?
Is it because their pitching is more awesomer than yours? Is it because they're offense is clutch and very productive compared to yours? Haha!!!! SF Giants 2009 World Series Champions!!! I really don't see any team beating us even the screwed up Mannywoods. Watch, the score today will be Giants 15, Phillies 0. Zito will strikeout 18 and pitch a 80 pitch complete game!!! PHILLIES SUCK, DODGERS SUCK, CUBS SUCK, CARDINALS SUCK, AND GIANTS RULE!!!! Pablo "The Panda" will win MVP and Lincecum and Cain will be co Cy Young winners. Sandoval will win NLCS and World series MVP. So who's the team to beat now huh?

Why is it the Giants are the team to beat in the MLB?
Toronto Blue Jays vs. Tampa Bay Rays

Oakland Athletics vs. Boston Red Sox

Cleveland Indians vs. Chicago White Sox

Texas Rangers vs. Los Angeles Angels

Cincinnati Reds vs. Philadelphia Phillies

Los Angeles Dodgers vs. New York Mets

New York Yankees vs. Minnesota Twins

Who will win these MLB baseball games? Also what will the score be?
Mine are:

Boston Red Sox 102-60 (PLAYOFFS)
New York Yankees 90-72 (WILDCARD)
Tampa Bay Rays 84-78
Toronto Blue Jays 81-81
Baltimore Orioles 61-101

Detroit Tigers 86-77 (PLAYOFFS)
Chicago White Sox 85-79
Minnesota Twins 80-82
Cleveland Indians 71-91
Kansas City Royals 70-92

Texas Rangers 91-71 (PLAYOFFS)
Los Angeles Angels 81-81
Seattle Mariners 73-89
Oakland Athletics 63-99

New York Mets 95-67 (PLAYOFFS)
Florida Marlins 89-74
Philidelphia Phillies 89-73
Atlanta Braves 75-87
Washington Nationals 51-111

Chicago Cubs 90-72 (PLAYOFFS)
St. Louis Cardinals 88-74
Cincinnati Reds 87-75
Milwaukee Brewers 86-76
Pittsburgh Pirates 77-85
Houston Astros 62-100

Los Angeles Dodgers 99-63 (PLAYOFFS)
Colorodo Rockies 90-73 (WILDCARD)
San Diego Padres 83-79
Arizona Diamondbacks 80-82
San Francisco Giants 73-89

Boston Red Sox (102-60)
Detroit Tigers (86-77)
The Scoop: In 2006, how were the tigers expected to do? terribly. what did the tigers do in the begining of the season? win. How were the tigers expected to play before this season? terribly. What have they done so far? win. In 2006, who expected the Tigers to beat the Yankees in the ALDS? No one. Who won the 2006 ALDS? The Tigers. Who would you expect to win this series? The Red Sox. Who will win this series? Tigers in 5.

Texas Rangers (91-71)
New York Yankees (90-72)
The Scoop: In recent years the Yankees have choked in the playoffs. I think the Texas high power offense will be able to shut down the yanks decent pitching and the Ranger pitching will survive the yankees offense. Rangers in 5.

Los Angeles Dodgers (99-63)
Chicago Cubs (90-72)
The Scoop: The Cubbies are due for one. It won't be easy though. Cubs in 5.

New York Mets (95-67)
Colorado Rockies (90-73)
The Scoop: The Rockies had a magical season a few years ago. it's not their year this time. Mets in 3.

Detroit Tigers (89-79)
Texas Rangers (94-73)
The Scoop: So far this year the Tigers have had the Rangers number beating them in the season series 6-0, the combined score of these games has been 38-15. I doubt this will change much. Tigers in 5.

New York Mets (98-67)
Chicago Cubs (93-74)
The Scoop: The Cubs will be mad as hell from their countless failures. I think it'll motivate them. Cubs in 7.

Detroit Tigers (93-80)
Chicago Cubs (97-77)
The Scoop: When you look at past series' the winning team usually has lost one before winning it all. The Cubs have surrounded the series but never been there, the Tigers, however, have. This shows what I mean...

Tigers players (on their 40 man roster) who have been in the World Series before...

- Jeremy Bonderman (2006 Tigers)
- Edwin Jackson (2008 Rays)
- Zach Miner (2006 Tigers)
- Nate Robertson (2006 Tigers)
- Fernando Rodney (2006 Tigers)
- Bobby Seay (2006 Tigers)
- Justin Verlander (2006 Tigers)
- Dontrelle Willis (2003 Marlins)
- Joel Zumaya (2006 Tigers)
- Miguel Cabrera (2003 Marlins)
- Adam Everett (2005 Astros)
- Brandon Inge (2006 Tigers)
- Placido Polanco (2006 Tigers)
- Ramon Santiago (2006 Tigers)
- Curtis Granderson (2006 Tigers)
- Carlos Guillen (2006 Tigers)
- Magglio Ordonez (2006 Tigers)
- Marcus Thames (2006 Tigers)

That totals 18 people with 18 championships!

The Cubs would loo like this...
- Neal Cotts (2005 White Sox)
- Chad Fox (2003 Marlins)
- Ted Lilly (2000 Yankees, 2001 Yankees)
- Derrick Lee (2003 Marlins)
- Aaron Miles (2006 Cardinals)
- Alfonso Soriano (1999 Yankees, 2000 Yankees, 2001 Yankees)

that totals 6 people with 9 championships.

It's the Tigers time. Tigers in 6.


Whatcha think???

Through about 65 games, what are your projected final standings?
mets-yankees--which team will win

red sox phillies--which team will win

dodgers-rangers----winner and final score of game...(tiebreaker pick)

must select before games start.

closest gets the 10 points.

who will win these 3 baseball games today ?
It's kind of ironic how this had turned out, because lots of people assumed it was the strongest in the NL and that there could be no way the NL East wouldn't take the Wild Card. To me, it's very weak, because each team has such glaring holes, whether it's the Mets lack of chemistry and sloppy play, the Phillies horrible starting rotation, extremely questionable closer and below average middle relievers, the Marlins bullpen or lack of discipline at the plate or the Braves inability to score or play consistently. I don't think the Marlins got a shot at this division, judging from how poorly they've played, but the Braves actually are in striking distance and look like they might have a chance. I'd be suprised, from the looks of it right now, if the division winner wins more than 86 games. The NL West seems weak too, but the Dodgers are really taking over that division.Yeah, but the NL East appears to be a bunch of average teams. Being the defending world champs is worthless, if you can't have more than half your rotation give quality starts. It's not even like every other time out either, it's like nearly every start. The Mets probably are just as talented, if not more than the Phillies, but their confidence is shot, the manager is and has appeared to lose his team's respect and they look like a mess. The Marlins and Braves are pretty much average clubs at best, but the Braves look to have deeper pitching with more experience. Add a couple of pieces to that roster and they could take the division. I get what you're saying with the Dodgers though. I'm suprised the D'Backs are playing this poorly, even if Webb is out. LA obviously owns that division, with or without Manny, but I think the NL Central is the most competitive division in the NL and arguably the second most to the AL East, especially since the Cubs haven't turned it on yet.

Is the NL East the weakest division in the National League?
Los Angeles Angels vs. Texas Rangers

Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Florida Marlins

Colorado Rockies vs. Pittsburgh Pirates

Philadelphia Phillies vs. Washington Nationals

Oakland Athletics vs. Detroit Tigers

Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Atlanta Braves

Who do you think is going to win these MLB baseball games? Also what will the score be?
Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Florida Marlins

Colorado Rockies vs. Pittsburgh Pirates

Philadelphia Phillies vs. Washington Nationals

Oakland Athletics vs. Detroit Tigers

Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Atlanta Braves


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