Friday, November 6, 2009

unemployment report

unemployment report

unemployment report

Jill Schlesinger: Jobs Report: Unemployment Breaks 10%
10.2% -- that's the most important number from the October Employment Report. For the first time since 1983, the over 1 out of every 10 American is out of work.

Hindery Report on Effective Unemployment: 19.2% - The Washington Note
SOCIAL WEBSITES. Report on Effective Unemployment: 19.2%&topic=political_opinion" target="_blank">Digg ...

Calculated Risk: Employment Report: 190K Jobs Lost, 10.2 ...
The economy is still losing jobs at about a 2.2 million annual rate, and the unemployment rate is finally above 10%. This is a very weak employment report - just not as bad as earlier this year. Much more to come . ...

Unemployment Report: November 6, 2009 | Sense on Cents
The widely anticipated November Unemployment Report covering the month of October was just released. Let's dive right in and take a look at the numbers . .

Mid-Day Report: Yen Soars as US Unemployment Rate Rose to 10.2 ...
Mid-Day Report: Yen Soars as US Unemployment Rate Rose to 10.2% Yen rebounds sharply on risk aversion follow worst than expected non-farm payroll report from US. Job market contract slightly more than expected by -190k in October, ...

Labor report: Unemployment Edges Toward 10 Percent :: Political ...
The government releasew its monthly employment report today and the AP reports that the nation's economy probably lost a net total of 175000 jobs in October, pushing the unemployment rate to 9.9 percent. Ah, the wonders of Obanomics and ...

Unemployment Rate Hits 10.2%
Yesterday's report of hugely improved productivity was a sign that the unemployment rate was going to be high. Because employers are laying off many workers and making their remaining workers work their asses off for the same wages as ...

The Kirk Report : 10.2% Unemployment, 190K Jobs Lost
One pro's view of the stock market. Stock screens, market analysis, trading tools, stock research, investment ideas, portfolio analysis, trading lessons, investment commentary, trading tips, and more are provided by Charles E. Kirk.

October Unemployment Report to Spark Financial Market ...
Friday (November 6), the Labor Department is expected to release date on October unemployment. Forecasts call for 175000 job cuts during the month,

good conclusion for my essay?
I had a court date today for follow up from sept. I was paying on a judgement. Was very faithfully paying until husband lost job and unemployment was cut.I explained this to judge but he immediately order for me to report friday for 60 days jail time. I talked to the attorney in the case and ask if i could find a way to borrow the remainder of what is owed and brought it to court friday if she thought the judge would disreguard the jail time.she said she would suggest the jail time be dropped but she could not promise he would drop it.She said yes it has happened before but she could not promise.Anyways aside from my oversight of what i should have done if i missed a payment,i need opinons on what u think the judge will do. I dont need any responses from people who think im just irresponsible and sh**.I just need honest opinionsthe judgement was for a medical bill that is unpaid,it is taking place in a superior courtSo what did i misunderstand in the court room on the previous visit that has caused this and what is most likely to happen now if i can manage to find the money to pay this full .Is it likely i will still go to jailpayment was originally set at an amount and i was unable to pay so it was lowered to an amount more affordable,but due to husband job loss and no unemployment i stopped paying,and didnt not realize i should have reported that i couldnt pay immediately the day after first missed payment,my now i guess i am seen as being in contempt of court,which means what?

Criminal law people i need opinions!?
Federal Deficit surges to ALL TIME HIGH of 1.45 TRILLION

Unemployment at 9.8%

Obama promises 600,000 summer jobs, LOSES 576,000 instead

8.89 MILLION Americans unemployed for 27 weeks straight; largest number in 61 years

23 States’ unemployment INCREASES *UNEMPLOYMENT (Before liberals fixate on my "spelling" to avoid the question)

Jobs report out this week. How will Obamabots spin the 10% unemploiyment rate?
I can't afford to take the job if the unemployment insurance stops while I wait to get paid. Also, what will happen if I don't report that I'm working (but not being paid) as required on the forms?I will be working for a small company that pays its contractors when it gets paid by the State of California. This is a standard practice in my field. I would start a month before the first invoice; then the State is taking 45 to 60 days to pay their invoices. Hence I would not be paid for at least 75 and as many as 90+ days.

I've been offered a contract job that won't pay for 90 days. Can I collect CA unemployment until I'm paid?
I have worked full-time for the past 8 years. Recently, I set some personal goals for myself to dedicate an increased amount of time to an ongoing volunteer effort. As a result, I informed my boss that I wished to go down from 40 hours a week to 30. She has refused to allow me to change my schedule, when several others in the office have been able to do so in the past. The difference is, in my company, only 3 people in the office report to her, the Fiscal Director. The other 10 people in the office report to the President, who is also my boss's boss. After she refused my request the first time, she indicated she wasn't taking me seriously until I knew "for sure" that this was what I wanted to do. That is none of her business. Nevertheless, due to a change in my husband's work, I waited another 2 months to press the issues again, and reaffirm my desire to reduce my hours. This time, I asked that my boss and I meet with her boss, the President, to get his input and final word. She has refused to speak to him or allow me to speak to him about the matter, as she still feels that it is not necessary. Through all of this I have repeatedly stressed that I love my job and do not want to quit or leave; only reduce my hours to pursue goals that I feel are very important. She also told that if I found another position in the meantime that would meet my needs, she would require 3 weeks notice. I feel I've been placed in an impossible situation. She refuses to approach the person who is able to make final decisions in important matters, and basically tells me that quitting is my only option. Since I have made every effort to be flexible and meet the needs of the organization to the best of my ability, only making the request to reduce my hours and being rebuffed, would I have a chance to collect unemployment if I quit? I have documented each conversation (mainly by email). My boss will not allow me to adjust my schedule, and will not seek counsel from her boss on the matter as she should, so I have no choice but to quit.

Any thoughts?

Will I be able to collect unemployment if I quit because my boss refused to make a reasonable accomodation?
WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama on Saturday tempered excitement about a growing economy with a sober outlook that more people will lose their jobs. He called that a heartbreaking reality and cautioned that even a burst of upbeat news "does not mean there won't be difficult days ahead."
Unemployment hit a 26-year high of 9.8 percent in September, and the October report due in the coming week could show it topping 10 percent.;_ylt=Ak2FriuXmgtpcvUC2PMH3osUewgF;_ylu=X3oDMTJqNWc2ZnA0BGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMDkxMDMxL3VzX29iYW1hX2Vjb25vbXkEY3BvcwM2BHBvcwM2BHNlYwN5bl90b3Bfc3RvcmllcwRzbGsDb2JhbWF0ZW1wZXJz

Why hasn't unemployment improved after Obama promised to create jobs? Did the stimulus plan fail?
My brother in law has a long history of crack cocaine addiction. He has stolen from my husband before we were married in 2005. He stole blank checks from my husband, jewelry, gold coins just to name a few items. When I would visit my now husband before we were married I would leave my purse locked in my car trunk. That's how much I didn't trust him. My husband and I filed bankruptcy in 2006 because of my husband's extended unemployment in 2001-2003. He lost his condo and lived off his credit cards. He finally got a full time job in mid 2003. The creditors were harassing us and we had no choice but to file bankruptcy. We tried a few weeks back to open up a checking account just to pay bills. The bank said that my husband had his social security number listed on the ChexSystem. That was really odd. So, I contacted the agency and they sent me a report about my husband's credit. We found out that there were 3 inquiries into opening a credit card from a bank that we never contacted in 2007. Also, we received a bill from a collection agency on a credit card opened in 2007 about the same time. The reason that I am suspecting my brother in law is because a loan agent called me and wondered where my brother in law resided. He told me that my brother in law had an outstanding loan and that my husband had co-signed the loan. My husband and I are not allowed to incur debt until the bankruptcy is discharged in 2010 or 2011. I would have never opened up any new credit accounts unless given permission by the court. Who can we contact about ID theft? I contacted my lawyer and her hands are tied about placing the collection debt on the bankruptcy until we find out if this is ID theft. I just feel bad for my brother in law. He was a really kind and funny man before the addiction. His health is failing seriously right now because of the addiction. My husband might lose his brother at any time. The drugs have caused serious damage to his liver and now kidneys.

Family member a suspect in ID theft. Who should we contact?
I am scared of the job market out there!!! I will only graduate with a bachelor's in social science subject. I've been hearing contradictory testimonies from people whether an MBA is the way to go to succeed if a liberal arts degree is not sufficient

My state has been hit hard by the recession. I've read reports in some areas that there is a 15% high unemployment. I'm not exactly sure how this will affect my job hunt but it will definitely make me worried over what kinds of oppurtunities will be available

Do you expect to get a job immediately after finishing school?
30% unemployment being reported in some US cities. The DOW dropped 250 points today on more bad news.

Are we not in a recession any longer because we are now in a Depression?
White House: 650,000 jobs saved, created by stimulus

More generally, watchdog groups caution that the reports ought to be taken with a strong grain of salt given the difficulty of actually tallying the effect of government spending. The reports include claims of tens of thousands of teaching and other public-sector jobs saved by the spending, but it is hard to know for sure how many jobs actually would have been lost in the absence of the stimulus. And it is hard to know how to count the job creation in, say, a road repaving project that employs a given crew for a month or two. The reports' bigger value probably will lie in the potential they offer the public for tracking specific projects.

Among the unemployed, the number of job losers and persons who completed temporary jobs rose by 603,000 to 10.4 million in September. The number of long-term unemployed (those jobless for 27 weeks and over) rose by 450,000 to 5.4 million. In September, 35.6 percent of unemployed persons were job-less for 27 weeks or more. (See tables A-8 and A-9.)

Good old liberal fuzzy math to calm the Obama cult, unemployment has DOUBLED under Obama, where are the JOBS? Obama is once again a dismal failure as a propagandist.

How many more imaginary jobs have been "saved or created" by Obama, since there is no proof of any?
$150 Billion Dollars, divided by 650,000 jobs = $230,769.23 per job.

If this is Recovery, what will it cost (us tax payers) to get the millions of people who are Out of Work, BACK TO WORK? - Not to mention what it costs in Unemployment and Welfare Claims until Recovery is Complete.OK, now I read $787 Billion Dollar Stimulus has Saved or Created at least 1 Million Jobs.
You get the idea ... do the Math.


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