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myspace mobile

myspace mobile

myspace mobile

Myspace Mobile | United States Online News
Myspace Mobile, Although Facebook and Twitter are arriving as the Allied forces, MySpace is still established himself as one of the major social networking services myspace-logoonline. Like the rest of the big three social networking ...

Le Web World News » Myspace Mobile – Latest News
Révisez gratuitement le BAC, le brevet grâce. Profs, ouvrez gratuitement un blog pédagogique.

Myspace Mobile – Disclosures « Pen Khmer
MySpace remains one of the top social networking services online and can really be credited for bringing in both fashionista teenagers and golden age retired folk into the networking mix. Here is a look at how to use MySpace mobile on … ...

Myspace Mobile – Daily Topics | Aroneo Web
While it lacks points for originality in the looks department it makes up for it in functionality thats far easier to use than some of the solutions currently. » MySpace Mobile Tutorial REVIEW
click our link – to watch full video "MySpace Mobile Tutorial REVIEW" for FREE! Even if Facebook and Twitter are coming in like the Allied forces, MySpace is still established as one of the major social networking services ...

Izan: Myspace Mobile
Appssavvy connects hundreds of social media applications on Facebook MySpace Google and iPhone with brands and agencies. Mobile research. The research centered around an iPhone campaign that appssavvy worked on with Powermat . ...

Myspace Mobile
Myspace Mobile. Myspace Mobile. ... 07/23/2010. Myspace Mobile. Myspace Mobile. Myspace Mobile. Jul 23, 2010 5:14:45 AM · Comment 0 · Reblog It 0. Verify your Comment. Previewing your Comment. Posted by: |. This is only a preview. ...

Myspace Mobile | Latest Web News
Mobile research. The research centered around an iPhone campaign that appssavvy worked on with Powermat … Read more from the original source: Myspace Mobile Breaking News. Mobile Backstage a new social music service and mobile app that ...

How do you view your Truth Box on myspace mobile? | BrowseBlog
I have a Samsung Jack 2 annnd you can't see it on the regular home page of.

What to text this girl?
sooo, when i was a senior in high school..this guy that i had a crush on since 7th grade started being interested in me, even though he had a girlfriend.
i fell for all of the stuff he said... he hung out with me pretty frequently...and we hung out with his friends and stuff...
he wrote in my yearbook before we graduated how it was the only one he signed, how i should never change, to stay who i am cause he thought i was a cool person, and said if i ever "get lame and get a new number to make sure to give the number to him" and then if that failed, he gave me his two email addresses...
he told me he wanted to see me when i went to college, cause he would be there racing in snow mobile races...

well, we hooked up a few times and stuff, and later his girlfriend found out.. and i basically quit talking to him...
i still think about him... even though i've moved on and now have a boyfriend of two years..
one of his best friends, that became a good friend of mine, told me he still asks about me last summer... I havent really talked to that friend since then.
I tried to message him when i had a myspace about a year and a half ago...and he didnt reply.
i frequently think of trying to message him or something on facebook, but i never do..because i dont think he would respond.

he's still with the same girl.
I know i should stop thinking about him and i shouldnt message him, but i cant!!
we're 21 now.
whats wrong with me. i get over guys pretty easily...and never really care.
my current boyfriend now tells me its weird because im not like a girl at never emotional.., and sometimes it doesnt seem like i care about him

how can i forget about him? he really wasnt even that cool of a guy....and he played me... ahhhbtw i never allowed him to see me in college.
we hooked up in highschool our senior year,
and he did try to visit me once in college, and i told him no...

how can i put my mind at rest....?
most of my friends have the sites but will not give me them i want to pay no credit at all please help me get free facebook, tagged and myspace on my mobile using the interent without using credit

whats the site for free facebook, tagged and myspace on mobile?
Got an LG Ally (I think) touch screen and keypad... When I open up the browser and go onto some sites (like myspace) it has the weird mobile layout... I hate it... is there any way I can access the full site like if I was using a regular comp? Plus... I already tried the "full site" it just redirects me to the mobile site....Helps with myspace... but not other sites that I want to view as normal.... it always loads up with www.m.*******.com

Mobile browser to normal browser?
2 weeks ago i sent a gurl a friend request, she would log in and not accepted then she later accepted and told me she hadnt seen from her phone then the same thing happened again last week with someone else this are the first two times this happened to me and Ive had a myspace for like 4 years now

does myspace mobile notify you about friend requests?
My MySpace profile was just recently deleted and I used my iPod touch last. And when I try to log onto the new account that I made on my computer, I get: "A problem has occurred. Please press the button to return to the previous page." I figured it'd sign me out or something; it's been two days, but nothing has happened and I don't like using other browsers on my iPod touch.

Does ANYONE have any suggestions of what to do? :/

Oh, and... I don't like the MySpace application so that's a bust too. :|

How do I get my MySpace Mobile to work on Safari, on my iPod touch after profile has been deleted?
Okay, so this morning I went to check my Myspace on Myspace Mobile. When I tried logging in it said "You must be signed in to do that." So I tried again, and it still didn't work. My email and password is correct because on my PC, I had no problem at all. I tried turning off my phone, taking out the battery, and still...NOTHING. Everything else still works fine, Facebook, Google.

If you can help me it will be great appreciated(:

Myspace Mobile Sprint Rumor2 Help?
i have simple mobile and my company is not on that list.

how do i get the texts from myspace saying i have new messages or comments and what not?
My boyfriend of 5 years left me in April to see his dying mother. She died soon after and he inherited her mobile home paid in full. Not long after he left I had a feeling something wasn't right, he wasn't calling as often as I know his pattern to be. On a hunch I checked his "sent" E-mail folder and found he'd been having an affair since December. I confronted him, and he was cruel, angry and evasive. He denies cheating, then blames me. I called about a month ago around 5am and hung up leaving no VM. He called twice the following day with a different tone(much kinder more like the guy I remember) and in fact he was crying, saying he missed me that he was crazy, and that he didn't cheat. He hasn't called since and I have checked and messaged him everyday on Yahoo, Myspace, Facebook and IM. When he does send message, few and far between, it is either cruel and short, or impersonal and short. The other day part of one message said" I never said I didn't love you anymore", but I think his actions are pretty clear. I've been a devastated wreck over all of this the entire time. He brought my life to complete ruins and left me with nothing.I did alot for this guy and lost everything because of him. He asked my daughter and I to move up there with him, but he lives in the middle of nowhere and nearly 300 miles away from my whole family including two of my other kids (18 and 21 who still need me and always will). Besides that , I already had to uproot my daughter from her home, her school, and her friends of 10 of the past 12 years of her life because I could not get him to leave my apartment and I lost my housing because of him staying there. He knew I would never move up there, but he asked me so he could say that he asked me. Now he's done with me ? Just like that? We have broken up and had plenty of fights before but were inseparable. Or did he just need a place to live? Have I been in this relationship by myself all this time? Did this guy just latch onto my life for his existence? I am totally blown away. I don't know what to think and what I do think, I don't want to be true. Do you think it is possible that he loves me but is avoiding me out of guilt? Or am I the bad guy for exposing him as a cheater?

Do cheaters love the people they cheat on? How is it possible?
Please help

not getting myspace activation code for myspace mobile.
anyone know why?and what i can do?


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