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Myspace Login –
Myspace lately redesigned the user household web page to present a “News feed” of posts from pals and also the revise text box at the top to renew your reputation. The following you do not necessarily have a character limit to upload a ...

Myspace Login
Myspace Login - want to know more? Read more here, watch videos and images.

Myspace Login –
There are numerous reasons why you might want to conceal the particulars of your last login to Possibly you just want to jump on and check out your comments or email messages without having your close friends realizing that ...

Myspace Mobile | United States Online News
Myspace Mobile, Although Facebook and Twitter are arriving as the Allied forces, MySpace is still established himself as one of the major social networking services myspace-logoonline. Like the rest of the big three social networking ...

Myspace login error!?
Myspace login error!? I can not log on myspace!? Can someone help me? From: maydarkruleoverlightAccesos: 5501 4puntuacionesTiempo: 02:59 enVarias More and.

Winnebago Man – Myspace login | Latest Celebrity photos, Movie ...
A curious young Helmer tracks down the profanity-spewing subject of a two-decade-old viral video. Winnebago Man there's a fine line between being laughed at and.

Myspace | United States Online News
Rupert Murdoch's News Corp bought MySpace for $ 580 million (about £ 285m) in 2005. The site has always had a strong focus on music, launching a streaming music service free in the United Kingdom in December 2009. ...

Renne Fernandes on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures ...
RT AH tah no ar gente..pronto falei espero que gostem S2 RT.

Myspace Login | Latest Web News
to my myspace i need anyone to hack my myspace and How to Hack a MySpace Account – Hacking MySpace Apr 23 2008 Learn how to hack a myspace account with free fake login pages and learn how to catch a cheater by hacking myspace … ...

How do i get this layout on myspace?
So we had a fight today.she is in San fransisco for 2 weeks and I didn't get to talk to her when she said what's wrong to me on the phone I said that I felt akaward and she flipped out.then she was all like do you want to break up because if you feel akaward around me why stay together.I said no and I'm sorry and to please stay together and she said I was like cool and then she got off the phone but when she said I love you she said with this tone as in I don't ever want to talk to you again.then hung up without me saying anything but I love you to.anyways I think she's cheating on me because her myspace mood is all like."bitches..."then her mood was do you think she l cheated on me and if she still loves me

Need help with my girl friend?
how come my profile looks different on internet explorer, compared to Mozilla?

Myspace - Internet explorer/mozilla?
is there any way to fix and possibly find out who this is?

its seems that someone keep hackin my myspace and email, i know because both passwords dont work.?
Hot or cold?
Horror or fantasy?
Black or pink?
Books or television?
Computer games or sports?
Healthy food or junk food?
Facebook or Myspace?

I know random, just felt like being random today. :)

This or that random poll?
on that face, up there.

the three i was thinking were:

angel bites, ( )
snake bites ( )
spider bites, ( )

which would look best?

thankss guyss. ( :

what piercing would look best on this face?
Hey there.
i am curious as to hear some opinions as to how my music sounds
your opinion is greatly appriciated :) Be nice please

How does my music sound?
My brother is 16, lives with our mother. He tells my mom what he is going to do, what she is going to do. refuses to shower or brush his teeth ( mom has to bribe him to do so when she can no longer stand the smell). He has taken money and cigarrettes from her, admitted to smoking pot, takes moms zoloft, punches holes in the walls when he does not get his way, threatens mom that if she tries to do anything he will hurt her, has hit her. She refuses to do anything about his issues because he is her baby and she does not want to upset him.Any time he is asked to do something especially bathe he will huff and puff and cry like a small child. He has some type of contagious skin condition right now due to not bathing that has spread to other family memebers, I suspect athletes foot. It has spread from his feet up his legs to his crotch and stomach. He refuses to treat the condtion or see a doctor and constantly scratches the wounds.

I do not live with them since I'm and adult but I spend a great deal of time and money helping care for him.

To put the most recent situation into perspective : He is 5'9 between 275 and 300 lbs, I am 5'4 175 lbs.
Yesterday since I accidently hung up the phone call that I was trying to answer he punched me in the jaw, pushed me across the room where I landed on my 7 yr old child, then he put me in a choke hold and slammed me into a wall. My mom took his side , but I called the police. He ran and the police asked if I wanted to file a Dvp. I told them that I just want him to get some help since he refuses and my mom is so afraid of him to do anything. The officer told me that I can file a mental hygiene warrant on him. I plan to print his myspace status updates that show him constanly talking about being depressed, mad and wanting to die.

My question is , will they do anything with him ( make him take meds ) I know my mom will say I'm lying just to save him so she doesn't get beat by him. I just want to make sure I have enough evidence to proove his issue

Mental hygiene warrant for 16 yr old brother in WV.?
i Made A New Myspace , And HATE Tha NEw Profile , Can Someone Help ?

How To Go Back To 2.0 From 3.0 Myspace Profile?
do anybody know a piercer in atlanta ga that is will to pierce a 17 year old girl tongue without parental consent. and the type of tongue piercing i am r venoms people that dont know what r venom they r the same like snake bites but on the tongue and if u don't know what r snake bites they r 1 piercing on both side of the low lip


me and my snakebites

Do anybody know a piercer in atlanta ga?
Okay well this might sound exaggerated but she copies EVERYTHING I do, or like!!!

(you can skip some of these)
Quick examples: My music... seriously she literally grabs my iPod (without me noticing) and just looks through to find good music! Once, I was singing a song she didn't know when she was over, and she asked me for the name of it... and that same day we were talking on the phone and she was TRYING to sing along to it... and FAILING cause she didn't know the words. GAH!

My style: I told her I was going to reinvent myself, start dressing differently. So, I describe to her this look I was trying to pull off. The next day she was wearing EXACTLY what I described!! WTF! Plaid shorts, v-neck, strange socks, vans. C'mon?

The way I talk: I am the kind of person that says fool, yo, and foshaw a lot. Now she is too.

My personality: She used to be hateful, compulsive and aggressive. One day I said &quote "I'm not like that, see I'm the kind of person that finds it impossible to hate anyone." Look, she put that on her myspace! Also, the only color I hate is orange, and she KNOWS that. That's on her myspace too.

Last but most certainly not least... My OPINIONS! REALLY?: I told her I saw videos of animal cruelty, like the ones they show you in meetings to make you drink soy milk, and not eat meat? Yeah, I was crying on the phone and I told her I was going to become a vegetarian. No meat. Guess what? Now she's becoming a type that only eats chicken. Is there even such thing?

PLEASE HELP! She has me scared of sharing my ideas with her. Copycats is my biggest pet peeve, and she's my best friend. I talked to another friend about it and she said that this girl copies a lot of her stuff too, and also another friend of hers said the same. BUT since I'm her best friend she MOSTLY copies me. I've already confronted her, but it's like she does it without knowing it. Or maybe she does... I dunno but it's bugging the crap out of me. Please help, what should I do? She is making me completely NOT UNIQUE and UNORIGINAL!!! I feel... annoyed to the max.. advice? :(I did talk to her, NICELY by the way. Only about the music, she said "I thought you were introducing music" when I clearly didn't... and she said she'd stop. But she kept doing it.

And I've done nothing for quite some time, but I seriously can't take it anymore. She's JUST LIKE ME.

By the way she's really insecure, should that have something to do with it? Should I convince her to be herself? Agh. Hope this helped...Oh and she is my BEST friend. I LOVE her, she's so much fun. I like that we have SOME music in common and we at least dress the same a LITTLE but it's just too much.

Don't get this the wrong way I love her, but she's frustrating me a bit.


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