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Tumblr | Newz Alerts
If we cut off our thoughts on Twitter, or perhaps express wax eloquent on Live Journal? Updates Facebook, or would like to share a little more le...

30 Awesome Custom Tumblr Blog Designs | SpyreStudios
Tumblr is such a great micro-blogging and sharing app. It lets you easily write posts and share pictures, videos, quotes and links - all from a hosted dashboard. Some people prefer self-hosted solutions like WordPress, but others enjoy ...

Tumblr: All You Need to Know
In recent years, the blogging platform Tumblr has become one of the most popular methods for people to express themselves online. For those unfamiliar with the merits of Tumblr, we've got the breakdown. We'll explain the platform's good ...

Backup, Copy Tumblr Blog Posts On Mac OS X
In the recent time, Tumblr has become a very popular blogging service, with hundreds of new blogs coming up everyday. The service is different from other.

Tumblr on
bookmark the pictures that inspire you and get inspired by people lovely findings.

Tumblr | Video, Torrent, Downloads | Poodlesnatcher
Tumblr is a blogging platform that allows users to post text, images, videos, links, quotes and audio to their tumblelog, a short-form blog. Users can follow.

Tumblr Is On Fire. Now Over 6 Million Users, 1.5 Billion Pageviews ...
One year ago, in July 2009, Tumblr was going strong. They had 255 million pageviews that month. By November of last year, that was up to 420 million pageviews. But some new stats which Tumblr is releasing today show an explosion in ...

Tumblr | United States Online News
However, it seems that the post disappeared because of a coordinated attack by Moneyries Tumblr blogger, who urged his readers to inform on “Facebook racism and hate” category. “This is not really about 'refudiating” Sarah Palin, ...

A Complete Guide To Tumblr | professional website design
Think of Tumblr as micro-blogging on steroids (technically, it's called “tumblelogging”). Whereas Twitter and similar services limit posts to 140 characters or less, Tumblr lets you post updates of any length, although it's best suited ...

My tumblr is theme blank, I need help.?
Every time I try to access my tumblr, it turns up as a blank page. I can still access my dashboard and customize it. I tried to do so and it appears that the problem is with my theme-- it's completely gone and so are all the preset themes that users are supposed to choose from. How do I fix this and get my theme and appearance back?

I'm kinda new to tumblr & was wondering how to get more followers.
Please help? (:

How do you get more followers on tumblr?
I have iTunes but apparently I can't upload from there!
I heard you can do it from limewire. I've had it before with no problems in a computer that I had like a year ago, I got a new one & haven't downloaded it.
If I do though, how do I post songs on my tumblr?
Are there any other easy and quick alternatives?
Thank youu! :)

I want to post music on my tumblr! Can someone help me? is my tumblr. i want the left side to stay there while im scrolling down on the right side. help please?

How do i keep the left side of my tumblr to stay fixed while scrolling?

How to create a cbox on Tumblr? I mean where to add the HTML code in? Where in Customize?
How do you install the 'cornify' feature on your tumblr page? It's the button you can press that makes unicorns pop up.

How do you put 'cornify' on your tumblr?

Are those...cell phones? :p lol. I feel so, so stupid for asking this. They look cool though, I wanna know what they are! haha. Does anyone know what kind of phone this is, if it's a phone at all?

What are these...? Have you ever seen something like this...?
Its a really chill song.
I think its about trying t make a relationship work with his girlfriend.
Here are some parts of the song i caught with my ears. they might nit be exactly right though.

In the beginning he says " She said give in or give up"

then a few seconds after that he says "Some things just dont last forever, we just tryna last together, say we need to spend more time and know i agree i really wanna"

then it says " she different from the other girls. money aint a thing to her"

Then theres part that keep repeating " i could care so much more" its the girls voice.

Heres a link to the song, just click the play button.

Who sings this song?! Sounds like Wiz Khalifa?
I'm too addicted to the internet. I have a facebook, myspace, twitter, tumblr, several emails, and sooo many more. I'm always on and I don't think I can go a day without getting on. I want to stop, but how?

Help with internet addiction?

Its ALWAYS on tumblr.


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